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GPS tracking for fleets and machines


Locate assets in real time

GPS tracking for vehicle fleets & machines

One of the main applications of telematics is the timely information about the exact location of vehicles and machines on a map.

With the LIVE-TRACKING function, Rosenberger Telematics offers you important information with only a few seconds delay after sending a message from the telematics hardware.

In addition to the current position on the map (pin), the designation of the vehicle or machine as well as many other pieces of information are transmitted, such as for example

  • Address of the current location
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Mileage
  • Operating hours
  • etc.

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Advantages & Benefits GPS Tracking

This is why you should trust GPS tracking

Automatic update

All parameters & measured values or vehicle and machine status with automatic updating

High scalability

Whether you want to have an overview of only 1 vehicle or 10,000 construction machines on the map

Mixed fleets

EVERYTHING at a glance, on ONE card. Whether car, construction machine, truck, power tools or container


Vehicle location - always up to date

Automatic update & live view

All your vehicles, construction machinery, small equipment, containers and much more are constantly updated in a live map view and can be called up live.

This allows you to react immediately to current events and see at a glance what your fleet of vehicles and machinery is currently doing.

Vehicle tracking is particularly practical for dispatchers in the transport and logistics industry, as it allows them to keep an eye on their truck fleet at all times.


GPS tracking of your vehicles & machines

Fully customisable & always up to date

In the live view, you can easily and quickly record and view vehicle and machine data.

This way you know exactly which vehicle is currently stationary, which is driving or when the next service is due.

Many other important details can be called up live at any time:

  • Mileage
  • Operating hours
  • GPS data
  • Speed
  • Temperature

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2 different Types of tracking

The difference between GPS and cell tracking

GPS-Ortung erklärt

1. GPS tracking

All Rosenberger telematics systems are equipped with GPS antennas (integrated in the housing or external antenna). The current position is determined by the direct view of the antenna to several satellites (at least 4). The more satellites are within sight of the telematics hardware, the more accurate the determined position will be.

High buildings in urban areas or roofs can limit the accuracy or make it impossible to determine the position.

With a good "view" of the satellites, an accuracy of a few metres is achieved.

Zell Ortung erklärt

2. cell localisation

If a direct "view" of the telematics hardware to the satellites is not possible (e.g. vehicle is parked in an underground car park), no position can be determined via GPS.

In these cases, the so-called cell localisation can be used. With cell positioning, the position of the nearest mobile phone mast, into which the telematics "dials in", is used as the position. The distance between the mobile phone mast and the telematics is determined via the signal strength and displayed as a circle (centre is the mobile phone mast) on the map.

With this method, the accuracy varies from less than a hundred metres in urban areas to several kilometres in sparsely populated areas.


What customers say about us

Better vehicle utilisation with telematics

Klaus Noggler:

"Sometimes it can also be very quick, simple and uncomplicated - namely when you know exactly what you need and where to get it."

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Dynamic live values

mapped in the object tree

All your vehicles & machines are displayed in the object tree with completely freely configurable details.

You can group them, favouritise them and view them individually.

With countless filter options, it will be easy for you to view live object details and make decisions based on this data.

Is a machine inefficient (no operating hours) and rarely used?
Where do your trucks move? And can you guide them to any jobs that may occur in their vicinity?
At what temperature are you working with the material from your silos?


All assets in one platform

No matter if you own 1 or 10,000 vehicles

Our online platform is highly scalable and runs smoothly even with large fleets of vehicles and machinery.

Small businesses benefit from telematics just as much as large companies.

Theft protection, the reduced administrative effort due to an electronic logbook, or the possibility to make decisions based on machine and vehicle data are guaranteed to save you a lot of time and money - no matter how many assets you want to digitise.

Let us convince you.

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