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Digital logbook for small and large fleets


The logbook that writes itself

Keeping a logbook not only takes time, but also requires consistent tracking. Especially when drivers are working under time pressure, the exact recording of journeys is often neglected. But this is a thing of the past. This solution is not only practical, it is also 100% tax office compliant. What about private journeys? Only the driver knows!

Save up to 28% on administration costs with the digital logbook from Rosenberger Telematics.

  • No manual notes: your journeys are recorded automatically
  • No tedious re-entry of customer visits thanks to intuitive logging
  • Automatic customer allocation according to recorded customer locations (zones)
  • Real-time GPS tracking of your vehicles

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3 simple steps to your digital logbook

1. Order hardware & software

Order a telematics device and download the R-DRIVE app to your smartphone. You will also receive access to the COMMANDER telematics software.

2. Plug in & assign

Simply plug the OBD connector into the OBD input provided in your vehicle. Register the vehicle once in COMMANDER and assign the device.

3. Register & keep logbook

Your logbook now writes itself. Start the R-DRIVE app to mark private journeys.


The best reasons for a digital logbook

Maximise your tax benefits and optimise your fleet with ease

Save 25% time

No more manual recordings

Kugelschreiber und Finanzdokument

Save taxes

Tax advantages by separating business and private journeys

Finanzamtsicher Icon

Tax office secure

Requirements of the tax authorities in Germany and Austria fulfilled

Automatische Dokumentation Icon

Automatic documentation

Automatic recording of all relevant journey information

Download auf Knopfdruck Icon

Quick download

Logbook report PDF and XLS with just one mouse click

Handy Tablet und PC

Web & app

Perfect interaction between web portal and mobile app

Safe verschlossen Icon


Seamless recording of all journeys and documentation of all changes

Fuhrparkanalyse Icon

Fleet analysis

Simple analysis of utilisation and performance


Lebenshilfe Tirol

The challenge: 1.800 changing drivers on 165 vehicles

"For us at Lebenshilfe Tirol, efficient organisation is crucial in order to do justice to our diverse tasks. With 165 vehicles and 1800 changing drivers, this was an immense challenge - until we discovered the telematics solution from Rosenberger Telematics. Thanks to the innovative logbook solution, combined with a seamless interface, we were able to drastically reduce the administrative workload and at the same time ensure transparent and reliable vehicle monitoring. The vehicle fleet is now optimally managed - with less effort, but with maximum benefit. The ease of use and user-friendly interface have revolutionised fleet operations and freed up time for other important tasks."

Robert Waldner
Head of Human Resources Development and Facility



A solution for every company size

"We are currently using the logbook solution from Rosenberger Telematics. The advantages are the very simple installation and the automatic logbook creation. I can also see immediately on the PC where my vehicles are....
I can only recommend Rosenberger Telematics hardware and software to any company, it's super simple and supports us in our day-to-day work."

Oliver Schwarzbauer 
Thomas Schwarzbauer Heat pumps - heating and sanitary technology



Telematics devices for the digital logbook - Our bestsellers ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Choose the most suitable type of hardware for you. Our employees will be happy to help you choose the perfect solution.

PILOT 2000 Telematik Hardware

PILOT 1200


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✓ Digital logbook

✓ Secure for tax authorities

✓ Live tracking

✓ Theft protection

✓ Plug & Play

✓ Web & App

✓ Save time & money

PILOT 2000 Telematik Hardware

PILOT 2000


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✓ Digital logbook

✓ Secure for tax authorities

✓ Live tracking

✓ Theft protection

✓ Plug & Play

✓ Web & App

✓ Save time & money

✓ Vehicle data (mileage, service intervals)

PILOT 4000 Telematik Hardware

PILOT 4000


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✓ Digital driver's logbook

✓ Secure for tax authorities

✓ Tamper-proof

✓ Live tracking

✓ Theft protection

✓ Web & App

✓ Save time & money

✓ Vehicle data (mileage, service intervals)

✓ Driver logon with RFID or iButton

✓ Concealed installation


Tax office secure: Completely revision & tamper proof

We meet the requirements of the BFH (Federal Fiscal Court) in Germany, as well as those of the Federal Ministry of Finance in Austria.
Decisive for this are in particular our complete and transparent recording of all journeys and the exact documentation of changes.

OBD-Connection positions: find simple & fast

Just tell us the make & type of your vehicle. We will help you find the OBD connector for your plug.

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Everything transparently traceable

With our professional mileage log solution, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • A detailed and transparent representation of all your trips
  • A seamless presentation that doesn't miss any trip
  • Capture of the starting and destination addresses as well as the distance covered
  • Automatic capture of the trip type (private or business)

In addition, all changes are fully and automatically documented. The original information, the time of the change, and the user who made the change are also logged.



Edit journeys anytime and anywhere

With the R-DRIVE app from Rosenbeger Telematics, you can conveniently edit your trips on the go. Of course, it is also possible to do post-processing on the computer or laptop. You always have the option to change and adjust your trips. Here are some examples:

  • If you want to divide a longer trip into “Private” and “Business” sections afterwards, you can do this easily.
  • If you took a short break during the journey to the customer and want to combine the two individual trips, that is also possible.
  • If multiple trips have the wrong trip type, you can correct them in one step.

A digital logbook report in seconds

Our solution eliminates the need to record journeys manually. Avoid errors when recording or the tedious "rewriting" of the logbook. 

Save up to 28% on administration costs and get your clearly organised logbook as a CSV or XLSX file with just one click.

  • Rosenberger Telematics takes care of this tedious recording for you. Generate your logbook report for the tax office with just one click in our web portal and download it.
  • The Rosenberger logbook fulfils all legal requirements and is accepted by the tax office

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R-DRIVE app for the driver, COMMANDER on the desktop and further information on our fleet management solution


Data forwarding: automated linking with scheduling, billing and logistics systems

Valuable data can be imported and exported via standardised or customised interfaces. Requested machine data can be flexibly integrated into your IT system. By transferring exact arrival times, real-time locations or operating times, you can monitor and optimise your internal processes even more easily.

Interfaces / APIs




Data protection from Austria

Your data is safe with us. We can assure you that with our server provider from Austria - conova communications GmbH – we have a reliable partner at our side who stands for the highest security standards and acts in accordance with the applicable EU data protection guidelines. 

A fast and secure IT infrastructure is therefore guaranteed. This offers you several advantages:

  • Protection of your employees' data 
  • High-performance, modern web-based platform (software)
  • Climate-neutral data centre in Austria
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • EN 50600 certified



Support with the digitalisation of processes

We offer you comprehensive advice on the use of GPS tracking to demonstrate potential savings. Our support team is available to assist you throughout the installation and commissioning of your telematics solution, and also supports you during ongoing operations.

Benefit from many years of experience in successfully implementing numerous projects - regardless of whether you are a small local construction company or an international conglomerate.

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Don't miss the opportunity to increase your efficiency and reduce costs.
Contact us now and let us convince you of our telematics solutions!

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The legal basis for logbooks in Austria & Germany

§ 17 of the Working Hours Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 461/1969, as amended by Federal Law Gazette No. 2/1975. 

§ 5. The employer shall submit or send to the competent authorities and their organs, on request, the personal journey books (personal weekly report books) to be kept, where applicable, the copies of the weekly report sheets and the register for inspection. (Source:

For some time now, the Austrian tax office has been increasingly focusing on the control of driver's logbooks in Austria.

Especially in Austria, the rules for keeping a logbook are strict:

  • A record of all journeys in the course of the business trip, as well as private journeys.

    Private journeys are often not taken into account, thus journeys are missing in a manual driver's logbook.

  • The recording of date, point of departure and destination, purpose of the trip, mileage, kilometers driven.

    The drivers of a pool vehicle forget to enter journeys in a manual driver's logbook, thus the assignment of driver, journey, point of departure and destination is difficult or even impossible.


Electronic driver's logbooks provide a safe and reliable remedy:

  • Automatic recording of all your journeys
  • Simple assignment of journeys (private, way to work, business)
  • Downloadable reports for the tax office at the touch of a button.

According to § 31a para. 3 StVZO, the vehicle owner must hand over the logbook to the ordering body, or a body designated by it, for inspection at any time upon request. In addition, it must be kept for six months after the expiry of the period for which it must be kept.

There is no obligation to keep the logbook. However, this is highly recommended, as otherwise it is difficult to document a change of driver in the event of an inspection.

With our electronic driver's logbook, this problem is a thing of the past.
We automatically record all journeys, thus protecting you and your drivers from legal consequences.

In accordance with section 24 of the German Road Traffic Act (StVG) under sections 31a, 69a of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) in conjunction with 190 of the German Road Traffic Act (BKatV), violations are punished as administrative offenses and fines may be imposed:

  • If the driver's logbook keeper or his agent (e.g., fleet manager) does not properly keep the imposed logbook.

    The drivers of the pool vehicle often forget to enter a journey, as a result of which the record of a specific journey is missing from a manual driver's logbook.
    Approval is no longer possible – fines become due.

  • If a driver's logbook is not handed over or not kept.

    The manually written logbook is lost or becomes illegible/destroyed due to external influences.
    In the event of negligence, fines of up to €200 per case may be imposed.

In the event of negligence, fines of up to €200 per case may be imposed.

With our electronic logbook, you no longer have to worry about such cases.



What is an electronic logbook?

A digital driver's logbook records business and private journeys with a vehicle. This is not only useful for simplifying the company's internal invoicing, but is also necessary to properly declare the vehicle's tax status.

What are the costs of a digital logbook?

For an electronic driver's logbook from Rosenberger Telematics, a monthly flat rate is charged, which covers the use of the vehicle throughout Europe as well as data storage for at least 12 months. The price of the hardware depends on the selected product variant.

The installation costs are, e.g., with our OBD plugs PILOT 1200 and PILOT 2000 at 0 Euro (plug & play). 

Why a digital logbook?

The main advantage of an electronic driver's logbook is that it virtually writes itself and thus saves a great deal of time. Whereas with a classic handwritten logbook every trip detail has to be entered manually, the digital logbook automatically records every trip in detail.

How does a digital driver's logbook work?

With the help of the telematics system installed in the vehicle, the current position (GPS) of the vehicle is determined, and the distance traveled is saved on a central server.

This data provides a start and destination address for each trip, the start, and end of the trip, the distance traveled and the duration of the trip.
The type of trip (business, private, way to work) is selected via the Rosenberger Drive app or a so-called multiswitch in the vehicle.

Is a digital logbook recognized by the tax office?

Yes, both in Germany and Austria the electronic logbook is recognized by the tax office.

The German Federal Fiscal Court (BFH) has elaborated on the requirements for a proper driver's logbook in the following rulings:

  • Rulings of 09.11.2005 VI R 27/05, BFHE 211, 508, BStBl II 2006, 408. 
  • Ruling of 01.03.2012 (VI R 33/10, BStBl. II, 2012, p. 505

The Federal Fiscal Court (BFG) summarized the requirements for a proper driver's logbook as follows, for example, in the ruling of 25.11.2015, RV/7101452/2010:

  • the records in a driver's logbook must be complete and correct
  • the logbook must be kept in a timely and continuous manner
  • the logbook must have an orderly and closed external form
  • the logbook must be change-proof
For which vehicles are electronic logbooks available?

The electronic driver's logbook for companies and private users can basically be used regardless of manufacturer. Regardless of whether the electronic driver's logbook is used for the company car, the user's own car or other vehicles, it fulfills its function equally well.

Is it easy to implement a telematics solution?

In short: Yes!

Together we will develop innovative telematics solutions tailored to your needs that will bring you many benefits.

Just get in touch with us, and we'll create an offer tailored to your needs.

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The digital logbook that writes itself

Forget tedious entries, sources of error or tracing of what was where and when. The electronic logbook simply drives along, records everything in real time and is tax office-compliant. Private journeys? Only the driver knows.

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