Ethics & Responsibilities


Code of Conduct

Sustainable development is a lived practice at Rosenberger Telematics. We attach great importance to the resource and environment-friendly use of our equipment. Our primary goal is to take responsibility for ecological, economic and social actions.

With our solutions, we protect our clients not only against theft and unauthorized access, but we also increase the efficiency of their work by optimizing vehicles, machinery and processes. This protects the environment and resources. This protects the environment and resources.

At Rosenberger Telematics, we live an open and respectful corporate culture and assume social responsibility – for our employees and customers alike. It is the goal of Rosenberger Telematics GmbH to determine concrete and related to the orientation of the core business
focussed goals in its sustainability strategy, e.g. minimum standards for the energy consumption, examination of environmental risks, etc., which are pursued in the scope of sustainability management.


Rosenberger Telematics GmbH respects internationally recognized human rights and supports their compliance. We base our actions on the relevant specifications of the international work organization, correspond at least to the respective national legal minimum standards or the minimum standards of the respective national authorities and ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment, notwithstanding the fact that ethnic origin, skin color, gender, disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, social background, ideology or political attitude.

We have set ourselves the goal of offering our employees personal and professional perspectives to promote outstanding performance and results. This is why Rosenberger Telematics invests in the qualification and competence of their employees and expects at the same time that each employee make high demands on themselves, their performance and their health, and actively adapt to the its further development.


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