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Review 2023 - Outlook 2024

The past year was a great success for us at Rosenberger Telematics, and we would like to share it with you.

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Innovation and success: Rosenberger Telematics wins coveted telematics award

German Telematics Award 2024: Winner in the Asset Management Category
Rosenberger Telematics is proud to announce that it has won first place in the Asset Management category of the prestigious German Telematics Award 2024.

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Rosenberger Commander meets Hatz Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking Hatz (AEMP 2.0) - Current fuel consumption, idle times, installation data, display of engine error messages, simplified invoicing

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Winner German Innovation Award 2023

Container Manager ✓ Efficient management of containers ✓ Digital mapping of workflow processes ✓ Award German Innovation Award 2023 ✓

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GPS Daten am Handy via Cockpit App

Live GPS-data via app for on the go

Theft protection through notifications ✓ Manage fleet and machinery ✓ Easy operation on the go ✓

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