German Telematics Award 2024: Rosenberger Telematics takes first place


Rosenberger Telematics from Timelkam is proud to announce that it has won first place in the Asset Management category of the prestigious German Telematics Award 2024.

Over 40 telematics solutions competed against each other for the 10 highly coveted trophies. After an initial round of questions, the system had to prove its superiority in practical tests. Criteria such as user-friendliness and the time taken to solve certain tasks were assessed. This year, for the first time, the participants' innovative ability and individual developments were also tested. The competition therefore represented a demanding stress test for all nominated telematics providers.

The victory comes as no surprise - the company's asset tracking is innovative and ingenious, and Rosenberger Telematics' ideas are far from exhausted. The company is not only able to digitise vehicles and machines, but can also track and manage entire construction sites with all their mobile devices.

"I said we wanted first place, and our team took it literally," says Christian Meschnig, Managing Director of Rosenberger Telematics, proudly. "We have developed an extremely efficient solution for asset management and we are of course delighted to be recognised in this way."

The Rosenberger Telematics team has been developing telematics solutions for over 15 years and is constantly finding new areas of application. Asset tracking is one of the core areas. It enables precise and efficient management of mobile assets and provides the basis for increasing productivity and minimising downtime.

Further information on the German Telematics Award 2024, the winners and runners-up can be found here:


Image: German Telematics Award ceremony, Q: ETM Verlag
In the centre Christian Meschnig, CEO Rosenberger Telematics, Oliver Trost on the right, Prof. Dr Dudek, left

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Marketing & PR Rosenberger Telematics
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