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SERVICE App - Telematics installation via mobile phone


Installation & complaint processing including documentation archive

The SERVICE app from Rosenberger Telematics is your digital tool for documenting the installation and removal of telematics systems. The app guides you step by step through the installation process and requires data entry, confirmation of instructions and photo documentation for a complete record.

Main functions

  • Guided installation/removal process of Rosenberger Telematics Devices
  • Safety instructions for correct installation
  • Recording of relevant details through photos (e.g. antenna positioning, power connection, etc.)
  • Initial recording of mileage and operating hours
  • Function diagnostics at the end of the installation process
  • Recording of service activities (vehicle check, etc.)
  • Documentation of damage with images and comments
  • Compatibility with BEACON, RFID and NFC technology for fast asset identification and accurate inventory recording
  • Automatic creation of PDF reports
  • Automatic synchronisation with COMMANDER telematics software for desktop processing

Simple operation

The app features a clear dashboard for intuitive and simple navigation. A search function is also available for support. This makes it even easier to find logs. If required, processes can also be customised to individual requirements or data/PDF reports can be uploaded directly to the ERP system.


Highlight functions for the installation process

  • Self-installation: The integrated diagnostics function ensures that the telematics system works 100% after installation.
  • Fault diagnosis: Precise diagnostic results facilitate fault corrections.
  • Location: Logs can be transmitted with location information to ensure accurate tracking of data.
  • Feedback: Installation reports can optionally go through an approval process by an assigned reviewer. The aim is to improve the quality of service when installing the devices.

The continuous optimisation of the SERVICE app from Rosenberger Telematics guarantees smooth and powerful operation. If you have any questions about Rosenberger products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us for personalised advice on the optimum solution for your requirements!

Note: The SERVICE app only supports devices from Rosenberger Telematics.


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