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SERVICE App - Telematics installation via mobile phone


Digitalize your work

Document and automate installation

Improve your workflow within your company by digitizing your installation steps.

By using the app, the entire installation process of the required telematics hardware can be documented and automated.

This can simplify and speed up the work of the installers, while at the same time providing more accurate documentation of the installation.

The installation app can also check the installation and ensure that it meets the required standards. This can help to make the installation more efficient and accurate, and ultimately keep the error rate low.

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Advantages & Benefits

This is why you should trust the SERVICE App

Schraubenschlüssel und Schraubenzieher

Service & Maintenance

Improve service work thanks to individual and precise work step specifications.

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Complete documentation

Complete documentation of all your installation, removal and service work.

Digitalise work steps

Digitise all work and reduce errors.