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We visualise tachograph data and archive it in compliance with EU regulations

The digital tachograph as the ultimate tool for your fleet management


Carefree travelling: TACHO keeps an eye on everything for you

Only with telematics from Rosenberger does the Smart Tacho 2 become really smart for your company. The "TACHO" GPS system from Rosenberger Telematics was specially developed to read, transmit and archive tacho data. With proven technology, it ensures smooth operation while equipping your different vehicle types, manufacturers and ages with a standardised solution.

Optimise your fleet management and take your business to the next level. Find out more about our intelligent GPS system TACHO now and increase the efficiency of your vehicle fleet.

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The easiest way to your tacho data

The telematics device automatically records all relevant data and transmits information about locations and tacho data (remaining driving time, break times, customer visits, offences, etc.) in real time via mobile radio. You can access and analyse your driver and vehicle information at any time via the user-friendly COMMANDER telematics software.

Remote download

  • Automatic remote readout of the digital tachograph, thereby complying with legal obligations
  • Automatic readout of driver and vehicle data from the mass memory or driver card


Driving and rest time monitoring

  • Live information on driving and rest times
  • Current display of working times, remaining driving times, breaks, etc.
  • Double-week report
  • Social report for driver training
  • Readout of driver and co-driver ID
  • Display of warnings and offences

Tacho data archiving

  • Automatic archiving of driver and vehicle data in accordance with legal regulations (EEC 3821/85, Regulation (EC) 561/2006)
  • Driver card management
  • Extensive additional reports (activity overview, etc.)

Increased efficiency

  • Monitoring of vehicle location and vehicle activities 
  • Efficient fleet management 
  • Driver and vehicle performance analysis 
  • Rapid response in the event of theft or offences

Advantages & Benefits

More than just localisation: why the digital tachograph is the ultimate tool for your fleet management

24/7 Location data

Real-time localisation and transmission of operating times

Fulfilling legal requirements

Compliance of Europe-wide legal requirements for drive and rest times

Diebstahlschutz Icon

Theft control

Alarm in the event of unauthorised use and monitoring of certain zones

Fuhrparksteuerung Icon

Fleet control

Perfect overview even with large mixed vehicle fleets

Historie Icon


Detailed history of driving and standing times

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Efficiency increase and archiving

Automatic remote download of driver and vehicle data

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Avoiding penalties

Online display of warnings and violations

Reduction of the work costs

Automatic determining of standstill and idle times for increasing the efficiency


Monitoring of the vehicles in real time

Your mixed fleet of lorries is constantly on the road and it is almost impossible to keep track of all your vehicles. With our telematics solution, however, this becomes child's play.

  • Regardless of whether your vehicles are currently on the move or not - you get an exact overview of where your vehicles are at any time and from anywhere.
  • You have access to all historical data such as routes travelled or driving and driving times at all times. This allows you to check exactly which driver has driven which lorry where and for how long.

Early detection of theft and offences

The COMMANDER telematics software gives you full control over the security of your vehicle. You can set up individual alarms and specify who should be notified in the event of an emergency. As soon as your vehicle enters or leaves a predefined zone or is activated outside working hours, you will immediately receive an alarm message. In this way, theft, fraud and misuse can be effectively prevented.

  • 100 % theft protection
  • Full control over the security of your vehicle
  • Definition of notification persons in the event of an emergency

Theft protection & alarm


Remote readout of digital tachographs

Compliance with legal deadlines
All data from the digital tachograph is read out automatically and on time (in accordance with Regulation (EEC) No. 3821/85; Regulation (EC) 561/2006) or as required.

  • The scheduling department can track the driver's current daily and weekly driving time budget in the portal in real time. Offences are also displayed by category.
  • Social reports are generated automatically as detailed evidence and instruction logs.

Administrative work reduced to a minimum

The administrative effort for all activities relating to the digital tachograph averages at least 1 hour per vehicle per month. Save this time for more effective work!

The TACHO system gives you a comprehensive overview of your fleet and simplifies customer management:

  • Real-time location and display of all vehicles
  • Online display of driving and rest times in real time
  • Immediate display of all offences
  • Generation of a social report as an instruction form for drivers
  • Evaluation of customer visits
  • Creation of customised alarms
  • Utilisation of the 1-minute rule

"The combination of telematics and digital tachographs has given us a clear competitive advantage.

With the TACHO telematics solution, we can not only track the vehicle positions, but also keep an eye on the remaining driving times. As a result, we always know exactly when a break needs to be taken and can therefore provide the drivers with optimum support and maximise the performance of the fleet. In addition, driver and vehicle data is automatically downloaded and archived in accordance with the law. The early detection of problems and the detailed evaluation of vehicle data allow us to optimise our planning, increase safety and significantly reduce operating costs." 

Wolfgang Zarda
Business Unit Manager Transport


Telematics devices: the right hardware for your mobile objects

The hardware enables access to the required data. We therefore recommend the solution with the optimum combination of devices for your vehicle or machine fleet and other valuable objects. We offer you not only the most intelligent, but also the most cost-effective choice.

Here you can get an overview of our products in advance.

Our hardware at a glance


Support with the digitalisation of processes

We offer you comprehensive advice on the use of GPS tracking to demonstrate potential savings. Our support team is available to assist you throughout the installation and commissioning of your telematics solution, and also supports you during ongoing operations.

Benefit from many years of experience in successfully implementing numerous projects - regardless of whether you are a small local construction company or an international conglomerate.

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Data protection from Austria

Your data is safe with us. We can assure you that with our server provider from Austria - conova communications GmbH – we have a reliable partner at our side who stands for the highest security standards and acts in accordance with the applicable EU data protection guidelines. 

A fast and secure IT infrastructure is therefore guaranteed. This offers you several advantages:

  • Protection of your employees' data 
  • High-performance, modern web-based platform (software)
  • Climate-neutral data centre in Austria
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • EN 50600 certified



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