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Theft protection & alarm


Anti-theft protection for vehicles & machinery

Protect your vehicles & machines via GPS

According to the German Insurance Association (GDV), car thieves stole 10,697 cars in 2021, causing economic damage of 200 million euros. Construction sites and industry are also affected; according to, 88 percent of construction sites surveyed by the Austrian Federal Criminal Police Office have already been stolen from.

That is why we have made it our business to protect your valuable items:

  • Immediate alert via web & app in case of emergency.
  • Define areas (zones) and receive a notification should one of your vehicles or machines move outside
  • Prevent unauthorized use of machines & vehicles, for example over the weekend

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Advantages & Benefits Alarms

Why you should trust alerts & notifications

Automatic update

All parameters & measured values or vehicle and machine status always updated live

High scalability

No matter whether you want to equip 1 vehicle or 10,000 construction machines with GPS.

Mixed fleets

You can locate anything via GPS – whether it's a construction machine, hand drill, truck, car, vibratory plate or container.


Alerting in case of emergency

With the help of our alarm manager

By means of alarms, events can be quickly recognized, and appropriate steps can be taken.

There are many use cases:

  • Triggering an alarm when the vehicle enters or leaves the area (geo-fence).
  • Application in case of theft, unauthorized use or leaving the working area of vehicles and machines
  • Maintenance windows and services are detected early, and you receive a push notification on your mobile phone

Analyse historical data

Alarm history 12 months available as standard

Analyzing data retrospectively can give you insight into which areas of your business are inefficient or causing problems.

Notifications can be sent to the following people, or viewed in the module below:

  • Individuals
  • Groups / Multiple people
  • Alarm history

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Prevent unauthorised commissioning

Prevent unauthorised use of your assets

Increase the safety of your machines, vehicles, and assets.

If a machine or vehicle is stolen or operated without authorization, this can lead to serious accidents.

By using telematics, such incidents can be avoided, as the machine or vehicle is automatically locked if an authorized person does not start it.


Versatile adjustable

3 ways to distribute your alarms to your assets

1. individual objects

This setting option allows you to set specific alarm thresholds for a specific object such as a vehicle, machine, or asset.

The alarm is only triggered if the specific object exceeds or falls below the defined threshold.

2. object groups

This setting option allows you to create alarm settings for a group of objects that have certain common characteristics, such as all cars from Upper Austria.

If one of the characteristics in the group exceeds or falls below the defined threshold, the alarm is triggered.

3. all objects

This setting option triggers an alarm when a defined event occurs for any object in the program.

No specific thresholds or objects are defined here.


Alarm when leaving an area

Document within the geozones

Increase work efficiency and prevent theft of your vehicles and machines with the help of Geozones.

By alerting and notifying when a vehicle or machine leaves the Geozone, immediate action can be taken to locate and return the vehicle or machine.

Constant monitoring of the geozone can also help to better plan working time and optimize the location of machines. This reduces material consumption and working time and saves costs.

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Notifications about your assets

Flexible setting options for the alarm

The setting options for the alarm can vary depending on the application.

Here are some examples:

  • Time-based alarm: Alarm at a specific time (maintenance, inspection).
  • Event-based alerting: Alarm when an event occurs (excavator leaves construction site, truck leaves route)
  • Geo-Fencing Alarm: Alarm on entering/leaving a virtual area (vehicle/person)
  • Speed alarm: Alarm on exceeding/falling below a certain speed (vehicle/person)
  • User-defined alerting: alarm based on user-defined parameters or rules (specific events/conditions).

Notifications to your mobile phone

Always UpToDate with our COCKPIT App

Our mobile app offers an effective way to inform users about critical conditions of vehicles, machines, and assets.

With the push notification function, users can quickly and easily respond to alerts and take necessary steps to avoid potential damage or loss.

Here are three benefits our app offers:

  • Protection against theft: our app alerts users to the theft of their vehicles or machinery, so they can act quickly to prevent loss.
  • Asset monitoring: With the geofencing feature, users can monitor the location of their assets and enable a quick response in case of deviations.
  • Maintenance scheduling: By using telematics devices, users can monitor the operational status of vehicles and machines and schedule maintenance to avoid unnecessary downtime.