BEACON Technologie auf der Baustelle

BEACON App - Digitise your construction site


Efficient management of powerless devices

The Beacon app is an innovative solution for efficient management of devices and machinery without power supply. It not only provides location data, but also simplifies device management without the need for laborious manual scanning of beacons. With the scanning feature activated, all beacons within a 70-meter radius are automatically detected and their location data retrieved. This is particularly useful for job sites, workshops, and other similar work environments to save time and effort and focus on the job at hand.

Examples of applications

  • Powerless appliances
  • Construction site
  • Workshops

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Advantages & Benefits

This is why you should trust the BEACON App

Digitisation of construction site

Digitise your de-energised assets on your construction site and keep track of them.

Automatic scan

The app's automatic scan replaces the manual scan.