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R-BEACON App - Digitise your construction site


Scan BEACONs: How to manage de-energised devices efficiently

The R-BEACON app reads all Rosenberger beacons that are in the vicinity of your smartphone. These are then automatically linked to the position of your smartphone and transmitted to the Commander. This also works when the app is not running in the foreground!

Typical areas of application

  • de-energised devices
  • Containers, transport boxes, racks, etc.
  • Construction site equipment
  • tools
  • and much more.

Rosenberger Telematics pays the utmost attention to data security and privacy! When the R-BEACON app is activated, no information about the owner of the smartphone or the smartphone itself, and therefore no personal data, is transmitted.

The transmission of all data is anonymous.

Note: The R-BEACON app only reads original Rosenberger beacons (depending on beacon type and environmental conditions up to 80 metres) and requires a separate activation for your account. Further information about our telematics devices can be found here: Telematics Hardware

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