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We deliver precise values to track, manage and rent containers and assets without stress

Container and asset tracking: your key to lost cargo


The tedious management of assets is a thing of the past. Our solution shows you the location of your property, such as containers, bins, small machines, electrical appliances, transport racks or valuable freight, at all times. 


  • No tiresome and costly search for assets.
  • Immediate alert in case of theft
  • Easy management of tools, containers, machines & vehicles
  • Digital workflows for taking over, handing over and damage recording of objects
  • Long service life of the low-power telematics devices
  • Maximum security thanks to certified data centre (private cloud-based)

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Our key & super users can be found in the following companies:


Areas of operation


Rental/container without power supply

  • GPS localisation according to preset reporting intervals
  • Automatic notification in the event of improper handling

Bins, racks & special containers

  • GPS localisation or Bluetooth signal
  • Automatic notification in the event of improper handling
  • Temperature monitoring with alarm if limit values are exceeded or not reached

Power tools

Mobile objects such as cordless screwdrivers, drills, hammer drills, milling machines, angle grinders, high-pressure cleaners, saws, planers, measuring tools ...

  • Transmission of the signal via Bluetooth

Small machies & attachments

Special requirements in terms of size, durability and resistance. The telematics devices withstand strong vibrations and difficult environmental influences.


Advantages & Benefits

Telematics: the secret weapon for successful container and asset management 

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Save administrative costs

Automated inventory and determination of dwell times

24/7 Location data

Transmission of the GPS position according to the stored transmission interval

Asset Management

Digital management of object attributes

Temperature monitoring

Automatic alarm when limit values are exceeded or undercut

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Theft protection

Alarm when leaving zones or in the event of unauthorised movement

Handy Tablet und PC

Web & App

Perfect interaction between web portal and mobile app

Easy installation

Self-assembly and documentation via SERVICE app

Document damage

Digital damage report with integrated photo function


Sophisticated solutions for asset management

Process automation in container hire

We understand the importance of smooth processes in a connected world. Our digital workflows are specifically designed to increase your efficiency and ensure error-free processes. Among other things, they are used in container hire. 

Digital Workflows

BEACON: Not intelligent, but SMART

Cost optimisation with BLE technology. Use intelligent telematics solutions for your fleet and machinery and equip your smaller devices with cost-effective beacons. The BEACON is our smallest telematics unit and is quick and easy to install yourself. 

Asset tracking with Bluetooth


Save up to 38% on administration costs with maximum transparency

Are you faced with the problem of not knowing the exact location of your construction or office containers, small machines, expensive tools, transport racks or containers? With our solution, you can easily manage your assets digitally. Standardised interfaces also enable automated data exchange with your IT systems.




Simple operational accounting: document input & output of your assets

Never lose track again: Easily transfer and issue objects with the Rosenberger service app
The combination of COMMANDER telematics software and mobile R-SERVICE app offers comprehensive and user-friendly functions for managing assets. The service app is the ideal tool for entering information into the system on site. Simply scan the QR code and go directly to the management of the relevant asset.

  • Customisable workflow without programming
  • Handover and takeover protocols as PDF
  • Documentation of details with photos and comments




Avoid costly misunderstandings: Recording damage in the R-SERVICE app

Uncomplicated, prompt and complete recording of damage is crucial for identifying the person responsible. When renting out properties in particular, it is important to document damage with photos and notes in order to be able to invoice repair costs. The Rosenberger R-SERVICE app can be used to create damage reports. We are happy to support you in creating checklists for recording damage.


Never miss a service again and plan targeted maintenance

The service and maintenance module allows you to keep track of all service tasks. You are informed of upcoming maintenance tasks in good time and can plan them accordingly.

  • Overdue service tasks are highlighted and displayed separately.
  • Recurring tasks can be easily planned and automatically updated.
  • Execution is documented and archived in the Rosenberger service and maintenance module.



Protect your small appliances, vehicles and machines from theft

You can use the alarm manager to detect theft or unauthorised use at an early stage. Here you can define zones and activities and assign rules to them. If an object leaves a certain zone without authorisation or an engine is started during a defined rest period, an alarm is triggered.

Theft protection & alarm



"The solution from Rosenberger Telematics enables us to have a modern digital documentation of the rentals of our containers in one platform. Our main focus was on a location-independent, mobile solution for recording the entries and exits of the containers including photos, modifications to the containers, and the digital registration of damages after the end of the rental period. This allows us to achieve more transparency and accountability towards our customers. We use telematics for tracking and the SERVICE app for the recordings. The app is very easy to use and makes us much more efficient in the process. By consistently invoicing for damages, we will achieve an ROI of less than one year."

Jochen Hahn


Guided installation with the R-SERVICE app, all data collected in the COMMANDER and simple scanning of the BEACONs via smartphone


Flexible transmission intervals


You want to transmit a position or temperatures at specific times. Every day the same, the entire year.


  • 06:00 every day
  • 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 every day
  • 08:32, 17:12 every day


You want to receive messages from your Asstes at recurring time intervals. Every day the same, the entire year.


  • every 8 hours every day
  • every 24 hours every day
  • every 7 days the whole year


You want different reporting intervals of the assets depending on the weekday and/or weekend.
In addition, differentiation by respective month is possible. This allows you to take seasonal requirements into account, for example.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 08:00 and 18:00 respectively
  • Saturday, Sunday in each case at 12:00 o'clock
  • Monday at 09:00 o'clock, Tuesday at 10:00 o'clock
  • November, December, January, February daily at 12:00
  • March to October daily at 06:00 and 18:00


You want an automatic message when a predefined value is exceeded or not reached. 
For example, also transferring positions on movement in a predefined time interval.


  • Temperature overshoot > 60°C
  • Temperature undershoot < 0°C
  • Shock/acceleration greater than 4.5 G
  • On movement every 30 minutes


You want to create custom combinations of multiple send interval models. For example, the consideration of weekdays, seasons and movement. Feel free to ask us - we will be happy to advise you.


  • January to June every 12 hours
  • July to November 06:00 h and 18:00 h 
  • December Monday to Friday 12:00, Saturday and Sunday with movement every 30 minutes

Telematics devices: the right hardware for your mobile objects

The hardware enables access to the required data. We therefore recommend the solution with the optimum combination of devices for your vehicle or machine fleet and other valuable objects. We offer you not only the most intelligent, but also the most cost-effective choice.

Here you can get an overview of our products in advance.

Our hardware at a glance


Data forwarding: automated linking with scheduling, billing and logistics systems

Valuable data can be imported and exported via standardised or customised interfaces. Requested machine data can be flexibly integrated into your IT system. By transferring exact arrival times, real-time locations or operating times, you can monitor and optimise your internal processes even more easily.

Interfaces / APIs




Data protection from Austria

Your data is safe with us. We can assure you that with our server provider from Austria - conova communications GmbH – we have a reliable partner at our side who stands for the highest security standards and acts in accordance with the applicable EU data protection guidelines. 

A fast and secure IT infrastructure is therefore guaranteed. This offers you several advantages:

  • Protection of your employees' data 
  • High-performance, modern web-based platform (software)
  • Climate-neutral data centre in Austria
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • EN 50600 certified



Support with the digitalisation of processes

We offer you comprehensive advice on the use of GPS tracking to demonstrate potential savings. Our support team is available to assist you throughout the installation and commissioning of your telematics solution, and also supports you during ongoing operations.

Benefit from many years of experience in successfully implementing numerous projects - regardless of whether you are a small local construction company or an international conglomerate.

Our services


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