Without any paperwork

Secure and reliable recording of journeys for more time savings

R-DRIVE App - The digital logbook for travelling


Reliable protocols for your fleet

GPS tracking, automatic recording of journeys & more

The easiest way to keep a legally compliant logbook. Reliable telematics hardware in your vehicle and user-friendly software provide maximum legal certainty. Simple installation of the telematics, e.g. via OBD plug in the vehicle (several telematics products available) - and off you go!

All journeys are automatically recorded and fully documented, such as the start and destination address of each journey, the kilometres travelled, date, start time and end time. The purpose of a journey can either be recorded manually or entered automatically. Three journey types are available. "Business", "Journey to work" and "Private".

Rosenberger attaches great importance to data security and privacy. All journeys with the type "Private" can only be viewed by the driver him/herself and are only available to him/her. Even journeys that are subsequently changed from "Business" to "Private" are not visible to "outsiders".

This intelligent solution helps you to use your fleet with maximum efficiency and to protect it from theft or unauthorised use.



  • Select vehicle and register as driver
  • Live view of the current vehicle position
  • Chronological display of all journeys
  • Edit journeys: Journey type, reason for journey, customer/business partner
  • Merge consecutive journeys
  • Share journeys


Note: To use the R-DRIVE app, you need a logbook solution from Rosenberger Telematics. Click here for more information

Don't have a suitable telematics device yet? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you to find the perfect solution for you.


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