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DRIVE App - The digital logbook for on the road


Reliable protocols for your fleet

GPS tracking, automatic recording of journeys & more

Managing business vehicles and logbooks can be a time-consuming and complicated task for companies.
To simplify and automate the process, use our digital driver's logbook app.

Through our DRIVE App, the management of business vehicles and driver's logbooks is greatly simplified.

The journeys are automatically recorded and categorised, which saves time and minimises the susceptibility to errors.

This results in many advantages:

  • Cost savings due to lower administrative costs
  • Automatic recording of all journeys
  • No "re-running" in case of non-entries in the written driver's logbook
  • Secure for tax authorities in AT / DE

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Advantages & Benefits

This is why you should trust the DRIVE App

Real-time data

All data (trip duration, trip type, GPS position...) of your trips in real time on your mobile phone.

Automatische Dokumentation Icon

Automatic documentation

No manual input necessary - automatic capture of all your data.

Finanzamtsicher Icon

Tax office secure

All requirements of the tax authorities in AT / DE are met.