The Electronic Logbook in Practice


The electronic driver's logbook in use

Around 530 vehicles, a wide variety of routes and changing drivers with sometimes adventurous handwriting.
Every day, the logbook had to be painstakingly written by hand.

Of course, mistakes crept in.

This was a serious problem that LogServ GmbH (Logistik Service GmbH) had to deal with.
According to the authorities, a logbookmust be completely traceable and forgery-proof


Abuse-proof and legally compliant

A very important topic was data protection.

A technically flawless and secure solution was needed, especially for storing personal data.
The driver's name is stored in encrypted form with his Unique ID. 

"Should data - contrary to expectations - fall into foreign hands, no one can do anything with this data externally."

The electronic driver's logbook was also discussed internally - it was concluded that even internally only a very small and selected group of people in fleet management was authorized to access it


Erste Erfahrungen mit dem elektronischen Fahrtenbuch

The first positive experiences with the logbook were quickly noticeable.

"Taking notes on books, as well as bringing them back, was often forgotten. Employees now have more time to focus on the important things."

Digitalization therefore saves time for more value-adding activities.

The electronic driver's logbook from Rosenberger Telematics therefore offers you the following advantages:

  • Savings in administration
  • More time for employees to concentrate on the essential things.
  • No more re-entering of entries, due to automatic recording
  • No more "forgetting" of entries

Curious now?

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