Auto bei Service

Service & Maintenance for machines and fleet


Better service maintenance work

Never again forgotten or overdue maintenance

It is important that you carry out regular maintenance on your vehicle and machines to ensure safe and reliable driving and use.

The Service & Maintenance module helps you make the best use of resources and you can concentrate fully on your work.

It offers you the following advantages:

  • Flexibility: with the ability to configure everything yourself, you have full control and can adapt the solution to your exact needs.
  • Time saving: With automatic updates and setting reminders, you no longer have to worry about monitoring your maintenance yourself.
  • Increased efficiency: With our solution, you can make the best use of your resources and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Overview: The dashboard gives you an overview of all maintenance at all times. So you never lose track and can ensure that everything is done on time.

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Advantages & Benefits of Service & Maintenance

This is why you should rely on the Service & Maintenance module


You receive an e-mail which you configure yourself with adjustable parameters as soon as the next service or maintenance is due.

Self configurable

With our solution, you have full control and can configure everything according to your wishes.

Automatic update

Thanks to the automatic counting up of the parameters, you always stay up to date.


Notification by mail

Through configurable alarms

A maintenance email alerts them to upcoming maintenance.

After the service or maintenance has been completed, a suggestion can be made as to when the next reminder should be set.
This way you don't have to worry about forgetting an important maintenance.


2 ways for notifications

Configure maintenance reminders as you like

There are two setting options for the reminders: Time-based and Performance-based.

Erinnerungen basierend auf Zeitparameter

1. time-based memories

With the time-based setting, you can, for example, receive a reminder 30 days before the next service appointment.

Erinnerungen basierend auf Leistungsparameter

2. performance-based reminders

With the performance-based setting, for example, you are reminded at 3000 km before the next service appointment.


Visible in the dashboard

Notifications directly and quickly visible

With our dashboard, you have an overview of all upcoming maintenance of your vehicles and machines at all times.

This maintenance is immediately visible in the dashboard and can be carried out directly in the software. Benefit from optimised maintenance management that is easy to use and reliable.

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Carry out maintenance

Plan the next maintenance task directly

With our platform, you have everything you need to manage your maintenance efficiently.

You also have the option to create future maintenance and be reminded automatically to ensure that no important tasks are forgotten.

This allows you to use your time efficiently and ensure that your vehicles and machines are always in perfect condition.