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Geofence / Zone evaluation


Geofencing according to your wishes

Always know what is happening in your geozones

Geofencing in telematics is an advanced technology that has a wide range of applications.

It is a method of defining specific geographical areas and creating a virtual boundary that can be monitored.

Geofencing allows companies to monitor specific areas where their employees work and improve efficiency and safety.

  • Easy overview of geo-fences
  • Billing of services
  • Find objects quickly and easily

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Advantages & Benefits Geofence

Why you should trust geofencing

Evaluation of zones

Get accurate data on locations, trips, and activities in geozones.

Proof of services

Manage and document services simply and effectively.

Individually configurable

Customize geozones and design them according to your wishes.


Zone evaluations

Who was in which zone for how long?

The zone evaluation provides information on how much time was spent in each geo-fence zone, how often an employee or vehicle entered a particular zone, and how long it took to get from one zone to another.

This helps you increase the efficiency of your staff and fleet.


Billing of services

Evidence of services provided to the client

The billing of services with the help of geofencing is based on the collection of GPS data to determine the actual time spent working in a specific geo-fence zone.

The data generated by the built-in telematics hardware include the exact duration of stay in each zone, the number of visits, or the distance travelled.

In addition, it can greatly simplify the management of billing and reduce the possibility of errors.

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Group your zones

Create zones for all workshops, construction sites, clients etc.

Grouping geo-fence zones offers companies an efficient way to organize and manage their different sites, clients, or projects.

For example, if you are a construction company and gain a new construction site, you can quickly and easily create a new geo-fence zone and group it with other zones in the same group.


Different zone types can be created

Whether circle, polygon or corridor

Zone als Kreis anlegen

1. Circle

Circular geozones are particularly suitable for sites that are concentrated on a specific point or building.

Polygone Zonen einstellen in Software

2. Polygon

Polygon geozones are particularly suitable for areas such as car parks, warehouses or other areas that are not circular.

Korridor Zone anlegen

3. Corridor

Corridor geozones are good for businesses that operate along a specific route, such as a road, for example.

Geozonen selber zeichnen

4. Drawn

Self-drawn geozones can be used, for example, to demarcate specific areas on a construction site or to demarcate a customized area in a park or public space.


Automated takeover

From already created zones using Open Street Map

The transfer of already created Open Street Map zones into our own software offers many advantages. This allows us to access many already existing geo-fence zones created by other users.

This saves you time when creating new zones, and ensures that already established zones can be quickly and easily integrated into our software for your own purposes.

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Anti-theft protection through geofence

Notifications when leaving geozones

Geofencing provides effective theft protection by allowing you to define specific geo-fences within which a vehicle, device or other object should be located.

If the object leaves this zone, an alarm is triggered (in our software and on your smartphone) and you can take appropriate action.

By implementing geofencing, the likelihood of theft can be reduced as an alarm is triggered if an object is removed from the predefined area without authorization.

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Download at the touch of a button

Exporting the Geofence evaluations in XLS & CSV

With just one click, you can download the geozones you have created and export the relevant data in a format of your choice. (XLS or CSV)

Exporting geo-fence evaluations to XLS or CSV files offers numerous advantages. These formats are easy to handle and provide an easy way to import the data into other applications. In addition, the data in these formats can be processed and analyzed quickly and easily.

In this way, you can improve the performance of your geofencing zones and gain valuable insights from the data to make better business decisions.


Find objects easily in Zone

Finding objects within zones using the Object Finder

With just a few clicks, you can get a list of all objects in the zone and view other information such as location, speed, and timestamp.

This helps you to quickly find out which objects are within a particular zone, giving you better control over your fleet, machines, and assets.

For example, if you are running a construction site, you can use the Object Finder to quickly find out where all your vehicles and machines are and ensure that they are being used effectively.

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