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Improve utilization of your vehicle and machine fleet


Making optimal use of resources

Compare your vehicles

Machine and fleet analysis provides companies with a comprehensive overview of their operating assets and enables more effective utilization as well as better planning of maintenance and repair work.

Regular monitoring of performance thus enables you to identify and address potential problems at an early stage in order to optimize operations and improve overall performance.

Some benefits are:

  • Efficient utilization & maintenance planning
  • Early detection of problems
  • Optimization of performance

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Advantages & Benefits Utilization

This is how you can increase your utilization in the fleet

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Identify potential savings

Identify exactly where you can make savings thanks to comprehensive data.

Reduce your fleet

Optimize the utilization of your fleet and eliminate inefficient machines and vehicles.

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View trip details

See exactly what routes your machines and vehicles are taking and analyze the data.


Downsize fleet

Find inefficient vehicles

Improved utilization of vehicles and machines can be achieved by better matching them to the actual needs of the company.

Through utilization analysis and process optimization with telematics, it can be determined which vehicles and machines are not being used optimally and can be taken out of service or sold accordingly.

This leads to better planning and coordination of vehicles and machines, and thus to greater efficiency of your entire fleet.


Recognize overlaps

Identify time overlaps of individual journeys

By using one vehicle instead of several covering the same distance, you can save a lot of costs. 

For example, it reduces fuel consumption, there is less wear and tear and maintenance costs are drastically reduced. Fewer unnecessary journeys also mean fewer CO2 emissions, which in turn reduces your company's carbon footprint. This not only benefits the environment, but also you.

Identifying time overlaps of your vehicles can also lead to better route planning and faster completed trips.

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Many details

See details of each individual journey

For each individual trip, details such as start and stop address, trip type (e.g., company, private, or way to work), trip duration and the driver can be recorded.

This information provides you with a comprehensive overview of vehicle use in your company.


Days & Weeks

Compare as you like

Utilization analysis and process optimization through telematics helps you cover the same demand within your company with fewer vehicles or machines. This can result in significant savings, not only in initial costs, but also in ongoing operating costs such as fuel and maintenance.

Reducing the number of vehicles and machines can also help reduce the company's carbon footprint, contributing to sustainability.

Some other benefits include:

  • Improved utilization of the vehicle and machinery fleet.
  • Reduction of ongoing operating costs
  • Better basis for decision-making due to real-time data

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