Erstellte Telematik Daten gemeinsam auswerten

Reports & Analysis for the analysis of your machine and vehicle fleet


Comprehensive data

The basis for the analysis of your vehicle and machine fleet

The basis for reports and evaluations for the analysis of the vehicle and machinery fleet is the data we collect from machines, vehicles and other objects.

This data forms the basis for the analysis of the vehicle and machinery fleet. They can be exported in the form of CSV or Excel files to enable further analyses by the controller.

This includes information such as locations, speeds, routes, fuel consumption, operating times and much more.

  • Increasing efficiency by identifying potential savings
  • Further, analyses thanks to comprehensive reports and evaluations
  • Maintenance and services can be identified at an early stage

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Advantages & Benefits

Why you should trust reports & evaluations


Increasing efficiency through data analysis.

Export CSV/XLS

Export of the data via CSV and XLS.

Report archive

Reports created in the past available.


Zonal evaluations

Who was in which zone for how long?

A zone evaluation (geo-fence analysis) offers you the possibility to view and evaluate the movements of vehicles and machines in specific geographical areas.

This gives you valuable insights into the use of your vehicles and machines.

By evaluating GPS data, you can see, for example, how long vehicles and machines have been active on the construction site, which machines have entered or left the zone most frequently and which routes they have taken.

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Recognise utilization

Evaluate exact activities of all objects

Comprehensive utilization reports allow you to make the best use of your machines, vehicles, and assets and maximize uptime.

Keeping a close eye on your fleet of vehicles and machines also makes it much easier to plan maintenance work.

For example, if you realize that certain vehicles or machines are only used on certain days, you can plan maintenance work so that it takes place during the times when the corresponding vehicles and machines are not needed.


Evaluate alarms

Which alarms were triggered and when

Comprehensive alarm reports give you many benefits:

  • Telematics systems minimize risks through automatic alarms when certain conditions occur.
  • You benefit from improved safety through the automatic triggering of alarms in case of accidents or critical events.
  • Operational optimization is enabled by analyzing alarms and notifications to identify inefficient processes and eliminate bottlenecks.
  • By analyzing alarms and notifications, you can gain valuable operational insights and act proactively to solve problems.

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Exporting the reports and evaluations

The export of reports and evaluations offers you the advantage of being able to process the telematics data in other programs in common formats (CSV or XLS).

Controllers can import this data into Excel, for example, and analyze it further or create reports for management.

The export function of reports and evaluations also allows you to save your data for compliance or audit purposes.

If you need to store your data for the long term, they can access the report archive in the web portal and access previous data at any time.