Performance Modul mit Balkendiagramm

Performance and analysis of vehicle and machine fleet


Optimal use of machinery and vehicle fleet

See how your machines and vehicles perform

By determining the performance of individual machines or the entire machine fleet, companies can quickly identify which machines are working most effectively and which machines may need to be replaced or repaired. This can help reduce costs and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Our program helps you to do this in the following ways:

  • Increase efficiency and avoid unnecessary expenditure
  • Support decision-making through detailed information
  • Increase occupational safety by identifying potential hazards

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Advantages & Benefits Performance

Our Performance Module helps you to do this

Identify potential savings

The analysis of telematics data helps to save costs by identifying efficiency deficits.

Increase performance

By analyzing machine fleets, the performance of individual machines and vehicles can be optimized.

Many filter options

Filter options such as day, week, month, and year enable precise analysis.


Compare your machines

See which vehicles are efficient and which are not

Comparing your fleet of vehicles and machines helps you to identify the most and least effective vehicles and machines in your company and to take any necessary steps.

This allows you to optimize your resources, increase operational efficiency and strengthen your company's competitiveness.


Decision support

Expand or reduce?

If you have increased production needs or receive new orders, it may make sense to strengthen the machinery and vehicle fleet to meet the increased demands.

On the other hand, high maintenance costs or low utilization rates may indicate that it makes sense to reduce the machinery and vehicle fleet to save unnecessary costs.


Detailed filter options

Individualisation according to your wishes

Our web portal offers detailed filter options that allow users to search for various parameters, such as operating hours, mileage, fuel consumption, ignition and whether the engine is running.

These filter options can be displayed as follows:

  • Individual days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Years

In this way, you always have an overview of your machine and vehicle data and can compare the available telematics data according to your wishes.

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