Track Assets and Locate Containers with Asset Tracking


All objects at a glance

Increased efficiency through professional management

With our asset tracking solution, you always know where your property is. Whether it's containers, bins, small machines, electrical equipment, transport racks or valuable freight in transit. Tedious management of your assets is a thing of the past:

  • No tiresome and costly search for assets.
  • Immediate alert in case of theft
  • Easy management of tools, containers, machines & vehicles
  • Digital workflows for taking over, handing over and damage recording of objects
  • Very long lifetime (up to 10,000 messages) with one battery pack

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Know what is going on

save up to 38% on administration costs

Surely you know this. You want to locate various construction or office containers, small machines, expensive tools, transport racks or containers.

The current location is not known. Also historical information is missing. Details such as type, manufacturer, serial number, year of manufacture, dimensions, weight, etc. are not clearly recorded in a system.

Our asset tracking solution helps you to maintain an overview. Manage and optimize simply and clearly. Standardized interfaces automate data exchange with your IT systems.




Advantages & Benefits Asset Tracking

This is why you should trust asset tracking

Einsparungspotenzial Icon

Save administrative costs

Automated inventory. Determination of dwell times on construction sites or at customers.

24/7 Location data

Position information according to stored transmission interval.
Around the clock.

Asset Management

Digital management of assets. Individual properties (e.g. weight, type, manufacturer, year of manufacture, cost center, etc.)

Temperature monitoring

Measurement of the ambient temperature. Automatic alarm in case of exceeding or falling below preset limit values.

Diebstahlschutz Icon

Prevent thefts

When leaving zones (geofence) or unauthorized movement - immediate alert.

Handy Tablet und PC

Web & App

Everything at a glance. Either in the Commander (web) or in the Rosenberger smartphone apps.

Easy installation

No workshop necessary. Simply screw on, rivet or glue - done. Documentation with service app.

Damage protocol

The service app makes it easy to digitally record damage to assets. Checklists and photos included.


Simple operational accounting

Document input & output of your assets

With the Rosenberger service app, checklists for the transfer or output of objects can be easily administered.

The workflow is individually adapted to your operational requirements, completely without programming.

As a result, handover and takeover protocols are available in PFD format.
Photos and comments document details.

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Log damage easily

Accurate recording of damage through a damage protocol

An uncomplicated, prompt and complete recording of damages is essential for the assignment of the causer.

Especially when renting properties, damage documentation with photos and notes is an important prerequisite for charging repairs.

Damage logs are created with the Rosenberger service app. We are happy to support you in creating the checklists for damage recording. 




Never miss a service again

Improve the availability of your assets

With the service and maintenance module, you have an overview of all service tasks.
You are informed in good time about upcoming maintenance tasks and can plan these tasks in good time.

Overdue service tasks are marked and displayed separately. Recurring tasks can be planned accordingly and automatically updated.

The execution is documented and archived in the Rosenberger service and maintenance module.

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Theft protection & alarms

Protect your small equipment, vehicles & machinery

With the asset tracking solution from Rosenberger, you are automatically notified in the event of theft. For example, when leaving a zone (geofence) or in case of improper handling.

The alarm manager not only informs one or more persons in your company, but can also report to a security center (24/7) if required.

Benefit from the extensive setting options for automatic alerting in case of emergency.



Application areas

Examples for application areas of asset tracking

Einsatzgebiet Asset Tracking Container


Position reports according to preset reporting intervals. Theft information (geofencing + alerting). Notification in case of improper handling.

Einsatzgebiet Asset Tracking Behälter

Containers & Racks

Locating by means of GPS or via Bluetooth ID and gateway. Temperature monitoring with automatic threshold alarm.

Verschiedene Elektrowerkzeuge für Asset Tracking

Power tools

Our small Bluetooth BEACONS are particularly well suited for handheld devices. Position via gateway function (telematics, smartphone).

Asset Tracking Kleinmaschinen wie Stampfer und Walzen

Small machines

Whether telematics (TINO) or Bluetooth technology (BEACON), our systems withstand the strongest vibrations and environmental influences. Position, theft protection.

Baggerschaufel Presslufthammer und Baggerlöffel


This asset category places special demands on size and durability. Our telematics systems help locate them on construction sites and in building yards.

Einsatzgebiet Asset Tracking sonstiges wie z.B. Leiter


The areas of application for energy-autonomous telematics systems from Rosenberger are virtually unlimited. We have the right solution for you for all requirements.


In 3 simple steps

to your asset tracking solution

1. Schritt Telematikhardware bestellen

1. Order hardware & software

Order the desired hardware TINO, BEACON or SCAN ID. Immediately after that you will receive the invitation for the registration in Commander.

2. Schritt Telematikhardware montieren

2. Easy to assemble

Attach the hardware with screws, rivets or by gluing. No workshop visit necessary.

3. Schritt Telematiksoftware benutzen

3. Register and benefit

After successful registration in the Commander and installation of the hardware (via service app), just get started.



Telematics for your asset tracking

From just € 0.99* per month

*Price excl. VAT
 from 100 pcs. 0,69 € per month

SCAN ID Asset Tracking



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✓ Plug & Play

✓ Web & App

✓ Digital Asset Management

✓ Save time & money

✓ Unlimited "runtime" ✓ High level of protection

✓ High protection class IP69

TINO 1270


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✓ Plug & Play

✓ Web & App

✓ Digital Asset Management

✓ Save time & money

✓ GPS position (active)

✓ Temperature information

✓ Motion detection / crash

✓ Geofence theft protection (active)

✓ Long runtime up to 10 years

✓ High number of reports up to 10,000

✓ High protection class IP67

BEACON L10 Telematik Hardware



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✓ Plug & Play

✓ Web & App

✓ Digital Asset Management

✓ Save time & money

✓ GPS position (passive)

✓ Anti-theft Geofence (passive)

✓ Long runtime up to 7 years

✓ High reporting frequency - every 5 seconds

✓ High protection class IP67


Flexible transmission intervals

Individual like your business


You want to transmit a position or temperatures at specific times. Every day the same, the entire year.


  • 06:00 every day
  • 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 every day
  • 08:32, 17:12 every day


You want to receive messages from your Asstes at recurring time intervals. Every day the same, the entire year.


  • every 8 hours every day
  • every 24 hours every day
  • every 7 days the whole year


You want different reporting intervals of the assets depending on the weekday and/or weekend.
In addition, differentiation by respective month is possible. This allows you to take seasonal requirements into account, for example.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 08:00 and 18:00 respectively
  • Saturday, Sunday in each case at 12:00 o'clock
  • Monday at 09:00 o'clock, Tuesday at 10:00 o'clock
  • November, December, January, February daily at 12:00
  • March to October daily at 06:00 and 18:00


You want an automatic message when a predefined value is exceeded or not reached. 
For example, also transferring positions on movement in a predefined time interval.


  • Temperature overshoot > 60°C
  • Temperature undershoot < 0°C
  • Shock/acceleration greater than 4.5 G
  • On movement every 30 minutes


You want to create custom combinations of multiple send interval models. For example, the consideration of weekdays, seasons and movement. Feel free to ask us - we will be happy to advise you.


  • January to June every 12 hours
  • July to November 06:00 h and 18:00 h 
  • December Monday to Friday 12:00, Saturday and Sunday with movement every 30 minutes

All Rosenberger telematics products are designed so that batteries can be easily replaced by the user. If after the very long runtime of 10,000 messages (TiNO 1270) the old battery is replaced by a new one, simply return the old battery to Rosenberger Telemaitcs. We will gladly take care of the professional disposal.

More about Rosenberger Environmental Protection



Quality-assured installation with function diagnosis

The service app guides you step by step through safe and error-free installation and commissioning of Rosenberger telematics systems.

This ensures seamless quality assurance and ensures that all devices are installed correctly. The correct function is checked fully automatically by means of online diagnostics.

Whether you want to install 1 device or 10,000 devices - the service app provides reliable and multilingual support.

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Easy assemble & commissioning

No workshop costs - start immediately

With energy-autonomous telematics products, installation and commissioning is particularly simple. Simply screw on, rivet or glue - and you're done.

No special expertise is required.

It is only necessary to ensure that the hardware is not covered by metal or protected against mechanical damage.
Commissioning is carried out with the Rosenberger service app. 

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What types of objects can be tracked?

In principle, there are hardly any limits to the possible applications in energy-autonomous tracking, because no external power supply is necessary.
Any kind of GPS container tracking, tracking of small machines, containers, scaffolds, transport racks, etc. can be done.

Even for vehicles and machines, the GPS tracker can provide good services in terms of alerting in case of theft.

Even for boats and yachts, GPS tracking can be reliably performed independently of an external power supply.

Are there any applications in which the GPS trackers do not work?

Wherever no data connection can be established with the GPS Tracker or the Beacon cannot send a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signal, no data transmission can take place.

This applies, for example, to applications where the GPS tracker is completely shielded with metal or no data connection to the provider can be established (e.g.: in a radio hole).

If there is no receiver of the BLE signal in the vicinity of the BLE Beacon, no data exchange can take place for this period.

How does the data from the GPS tracker get into the Commander (IoT platform)?

In the case of our GPS trackers, data is transferred to our data center via SIM card and telecommunications provider and can be accessed from there via the Commander using a web application.

In the case of BLE beacons, the data is forwarded using a so-called gateway.

A gateway can either be a Bluetooth-enabled GPS tracker or our beacon app.
From there it goes on to the Data Center and into the Commander.

What additional information can be transmitted besides the position?

In addition to GPS positioning (position with address or longitude and latitude), temperatures and, on request, other signals such as humidity and light can also be transmitted.

Events such as the exceeding of temperature limits or severe vibrations can also lead to an automatic notification (alarm).

How long is the runtime of the tracker until the next battery change?

The runtime of a GPS tracker is usually specified with the number of messages per battery pack.
With our TINO 1270, this is up to 10,000 GPS messages.

Depending on how many GPS messages are sent per time unit, the runtime is calculated. E.g.:

  • 3 messages per day results in a runtime of up to 10 years.
  • Note: always depending on the ambient temperature and the network quality of the provider.

By the way, the battery change can easily be done by yourself.
We offer our special battery packs as spare parts for this purpose.  

Our Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon L10 has a guaranteed runtime of 7 years at a transmission frequency of 5 seconds.

How do I know when to change the battery?

The battery level is displayed in the Commander at all times.
Using the alarm manager, you can easily set the battery level at which you want to be automatically notified.

You can change the battery yourself or send the GPS Tracker to Rosenberger Telematics for battery replacement.

Can the transmission interval be changed?

There are a lot of standard configurations available with regard to transmission interval, transmission time, GPS tracking on movement, etc..

Before delivery, we will upload the configuration that suits you to the GPS Tracker.

If, for example, a different transmission interval is required due to changed operating conditions, this can simply be transferred to the tracker via an air update.

This saves a lot of time and costs. Please ask us for the air update.

Inventory & Analysis
Inventory & Analysis

Together we analyze your current situation. 
Many of your current logistics & management problems we can work out & filter together.

Solution finding
Solution finding

We now know where your problems lie, now it's time to solve them.
Due to our adaptability to your situation, we can easily grasp this and provide you with a non-binding offer.


You have decided on a solution and now want to integrate it optimally into your company.
No matter if you already receive telematics data from other manufacturers or if you want to enter the topic completely new - we help you to integrate everything simply & uncomplicatedly into your company cosmos.

Support & Training
Support & Training

After you have integrated our hardware & software solution into your company, our support & training sessions ensure that you can also use it optimally.
Thus, it is easy for you to work with the initially complicated data and to interpret them correctly.

Success awaits you
Success awaits you

Already after a short time you will notice that our solutions represent a return on investment and save a lot of time, costs & nerves.

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Mehr erfahren

The hardware

Telematics for Asset Tracking

SCAN ID Asset Tracking


The inexpensive entry into the world of asset tracking. SCAN ID is a digital nameplate for capturing via QR code reader of a smartphone or tablet.

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TINO 1270

TINO is a particularly robust energy-autonomous tracker. The runtime is up to 10 years or 10,000 messages. The transmission intervals can be defined flexibly. Position messages can also be based on movement / vabration.

TINO can measure ambient temperature and trigger theft alarm. Protection class IP67.

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BEACON L10 Telematik Hardware


BEACON L10 transmits via Bluetooth every 5 seconds the asset designation to a samrtphone or telematics unit. We guarantee 7 years runtime! The range in the open field is approx. 80 meters.

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