Bodner Bau - a successful story in the world of telematics


Better vehicle utilization thanks to telematics

Solution from Rosenberger Telematics facilitates disposition at Bodner-Bau Gruppe


When a company thinks about adding a telematics solution to their assets this may be a long process. Attending fairs, ask around in the industry, testing different providers, asking employees and finally deciding for the one product which convinced the most throughout the whole process.

However, an intense search which considers alternatives is the best choice. Sometimes it can be very fast, easy and uncomplicated – that is, when you exactly know what you need and where you can get it.

When talking with Klaus Noggler you receive the following impression fast: Not only everything could be easy – it really is.
The IT manager of the Tyrol construction company Bodner from Kufstein portrays the short way of the company to the telematics solution. It was the first time in the over 100 years existing company, such a technology was planned to be implemented – so far, the Austrians haven´t had experience with telematics.


Recommendation from Telekom

If you now think such a big step might be difficult to realize, you´re mistaken. The construction company, which is 100% in family ownership, is a large customer at the Austrian Telekom. „We simply made an enquiry at the Telekom: Do you have a partner, with whom we could make this change happen? “, Noggler remembers. “This” meant: Localization system and control over the driving times.

So, the Telekom was able to help their customer and referred them to Rosenberger Telematics, back then traded under the name CEplus. Bodner trusted the provider from Upper Austria very fast. At one fell swoop 500 transponders were ordered, Noggler reports. The system of choice was “ROBUSTO” – nomen est omen, since in the construction industry, solutions and devices are needed that are very robust and can easily take away different loads over longer periods, too.

„Designed for the toughest environmental conditions “

the solution was said to be, this is how the manufacturer described it.
With “ROBUSTO” Bodner relatively fast reached their goal. In approximately 700 vehicles, from excavator over wheel loader, from bus and/or minibus to construction machinery the telematics solution has been installed to up until today, Noggler says. 100 pieces are still in stock. With beginning of 2017 the system was installed in the vehicles, then they started to use telematics.


Contact point at any time available

From the very beginning they had one fixed contact person provided by the supplier. Despite the interim change at the supplier – CEplus turned into Rosenberger Telematics – Bodner was attended with the same utmost care at any time, according to Noggler.

The contact person moved “seamless” and was available any time. Also, the employees had advantages from the telematics provider: For example, there were trainings for “ROBUSTO” in the workshops of the Tyrol construction company, which also has subsidiaries in South Germany.

How do you assemble the solution, how is it operated? These questions were clarified on site. However, Noggler thinks that the system is “relatively self-explanatory” and was released via an app. „I did not need a training”, the expert says.

„There were reservations” Noggler reports – like in any other company when a telematics solution is first introduced. Since the drivers do not have to operate the devices themselves everything went smoothly in this area. Often the individual vehicles didn´t have a permanent driver, the IT manager explains – it is often more practical to have a solution, in which they do not have to participate in.