Winner German Innovation Award 2023


The Container-Manager

Map workflow processes digitally

A function of our Commander software solution, the Container-Manager, was awarded the German Innovation Award 2023 from among several hundred entries.

Thanks to our Container-Manager, container management becomes more efficient and paperless. Lessors can digitally map their container-specific workflow processes.

Our modular IoT platform enables easy adaptation to customer-specific requirements without programming effort.

With our modular SERVICE App, various steps in container management are standardized, documented across locations and uniformly, including:

  • The recording of container equipment
  • The container dispatch to the customer
  • The recording of damage
  • The return of the container after use
  • The conversion of containers

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Our solutions offer you many advantages:

  • You always know what is going on with your machines and your fleet.
  • Reduce your administration costs by up to 50%.
  • Protect your machines and vehicles from theft and misuse.
  • Save time for more value-adding activities.


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