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Live GPS-data via app for on the go



Live data on the move

An intelligent combination of the reliable Rosenberger hardware and the user-friendly Cockpit App transforms your vehicles & construction machines into Smart Objects in just a few minutes.

The combination of hardware and software supports you in managing your vehicles, machines and other objects:

  • Use them more efficiently
  • Secure against theft or unauthorized use
  • or better manage your fleet of vehicles and machinery

Live location of your objects

with associated object details

You would like to know where your objects are, but are currently on the road and have no access to your laptop or stand PC?

From now on, this is no longer a problem.

You can easily see where your objects are at the moment with the new COCKPIT app and thus react quickly to critical conditions.

For example, you can now control your scheduling while on the road, view object details of your vehicles and machines and thus always keep an overview of your vehicle and machine fleet.


Alarms on your mobile phone

Respond quickly to critical conditions

Not everything always goes as planned.

So that you have everything under control in an emergency, the alarm function of the Commander is now also integrated into the COCKPIT app.

You will receive a notification (which you can set individually) on your mobile phone.

There are countless ways you can use the alarm function.
Some of them are:

  • Timely alert in the event of theft (e.g.,: leaving a geo-fence).
  • Timely notification of upcoming maintenance work (depending on kilometers, operating hours or time)
  • Monitoring of the vehicle battery quality and automatic notification if the battery voltage falls below the critical level.

Our CEO explains

The COCKPIT app with its advantages

We asked our managing director, Mr. Christian Meschnig, what makes the COCKPIT app special and why we developed it.

The result:

Many of our customers wanted a way to be constantly up-to-date on the road in order to have their fleet of vehicles and machinery even better under control.


Filter & select object lists

All your objects viewable via app

Now you can also manage your fleet of vehicles and machinery with your mobile phone.

All your object lists can be filtered and selected according to your wishes with the COCKPIT app.

This means you always have access to all your created objects and can view them as needed.

Are you interested in the COCKPIT app? 

Simply download it and try it out for yourself:

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Einfache Bedienung für unterwegs

In order to use the entire Rosenberger Telematics range, we also offer you other apps:

The DRIVE App offers the following advantages.

  • Display of the current real-time vehicle position & from your mobile phone.
  • Selection of the journey type possible before or during the journey (business, private, way to work)
  • Private journeys remain private (no display of current position to third parties)
  • No more hassle with the tax office - tax-authorised logbook report in the web portal
  • Edit journeys: separate (split 1 journey into several journeys), merge, edit several journeys at once

The SERVICE app offers the following advantages:

  • Seamlessly documents individual and predefined work steps of an installation, removal, and service process of telematics systems, thus guaranteeing a high quality of service.
  • Guides the user or fitter step by step through the individual work steps and obliges him to record comments or take photos.
  • Ensures that each installation, removal, or service is carried out with appropriate care through an integrated diagnostic function.
  • Automatically generates reports (PDF format) of the process carried out, which can also serve as proof of performance.

Are you interested in using all our functions?

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Our solutions offer you many advantages:

  • You always know what is going on with your machines and your fleet.
  • Reduce your administration costs by up to 50%.
  • Protect your machines and vehicles from theft and misuse.
  • Save time for more value-adding activities.


You will find all our solutions below:

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