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Large fleets equipped quickly and cost-effectively


With beacons EVERYTHING in view

No matter if excavator bucket, hammer drill or compressor.

With the new cost-effective entry-level solution "Beacon L10" from Rosenberger, you definitely keep track of all small equipment and machines.

Via Bluetooth-Low-Energy, an individual ID is issued every 5 seconds, which is recorded via a Bluetooth-capable telematics unit. This means that even the smallest devices always provide up-to-date location data.


20,000 devices and machines equipped in only 5 months

Due to the fast and absolutely foolproof installation of the Beacon, STRABAG succeeded in equipping over 20,000 Beacons in only 5 months.
The Rosenberger Beacon is therefore perfectly suited for equipping and digitizing a lot of equipment in a very short time.



Quality-assured installation with function diagnosis

The service app guides you step by step to a smooth & fast installation of our systems.

This ensures a high level of quality assurance and ensures that all our systems are installed properly.

No matter if you want to install 1 device or 10,000 devices – the service app supports you error-free and seamlessly.

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7 years term guaranteed

Despite the 5-second transmission interval of the beacon, we as Rosenberger Telematics guarantee a service life of 7 years. With the combination of a cost-effective entry-level solution and a long service life, an investment definitely pays off.
So the Rosenberger "Beacon L10" offers you the following advantages:

  • Fast installation
  • Guaranteed runtime of 7 years
  • Very small
  • 5 seconds transmission interval
  • Long range (100m, free field)
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Low initial cost
  • Perfect entry level solution

Theconstruction industry solution from Rosenberger Telematics therefore offers you the following advantages:

  • Savings in machine and vehicle management
  • Fast equipping of large fleets of vehicles and machines
  • Optimize your machine utilization
  • Evaluate your operating times to generate a performance record for your customers.

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