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Vehicle & Device Management


Master data for all objects

Configure and manage all your assets freely

The management of vehicles, machines and other assets is an important aspect for many companies to optimize their business processes and save costs.

Effective management means that all information about an asset is available at all times so that it can be used quickly and efficiently.

In our web platform, you have all the information in one central place. All master data such as vehicle type, model, manufacturer, color, etc. can be stored here.

Completely freely configurable fields are also possible. This allows you to manage your assets the way you want.

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Advantages & Benefits

Why you should digitalise your vehicle & equipment management

Working with master data

Quick access to all important data

Customised filtering

Quick and precise search for information freely configured by you. (Ex.: Window yes/no for containers)

Daily update

All parameters & measured values or vehicle and machine status with automatic updating.


For large and small fleets

Simply fill our programme via API or manually

Hand-filled master data is good for small fleets and machinery, while API-filled master data is better for large fleets and machinery and is infinitely scalable in our web portal.

Automatic filling with data from other systems can automate asset management and save time.


Managing your assets

With the help of the status module

The big advantage of managing all your assets in one platform is that all information can be stored and managed in one central location.

This makes it easier to keep track of all assets, plan maintenance and repairs more efficiently, and increase asset availability.

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Enter master data

Manage all your assets directly in our programm

Central management makes it possible to react quickly to changes or problems and increase the overall efficiency of the company.

Your vehicles, machines, and assets are thus always up to date and can also be updated daily if desired.

This helps you to always work with the latest and correct data.


Extensive filter options

So that you always find the right object for you

The ability to filter by specific criteria such as object name, zone, last position, ignition, color, status, or brand allows you to search specifically for the right vehicles, machines, and assets.

Freely configurable fields such as the color of containers, whether air conditioning is installed or air conditioning yes/no or how many windows the container has are also possible and make asset management much easier.