Electronic Logbook


We record all trips. Automatically.

Writing a logbook costs a lot of time, nerves and above all money.

Our digital driver's logbook does not have to be written or laboriously entered. 

  • No more manual recording of journeys.
  • No more tedious recording of customer visits.
  • Automatic recording of customer names and addresses.


Save up to 28% on administrative costs

Tedious evaluations of business and private journeys are a thing of the past.

All recorded journeys are evaluated by vehicle or person at the push of a button. Mass evaluation of entire fleets at the click of a mouse.

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Journeys mapped in detail & transparently

Complete representation of all journeys. Start and destination address, distance traveled and trip type are important features of our professional driver's logbook solution.

All changes are documented automatically and without exception - with original information, time of change and Usernames.



Suitable for both large and small fleets

No matter whether it's the 1-percent-rule in Germany or the large and small deduction in Austria.
The professional driver's logbook solution from Rosenberger is your reliable tool for saving taxes.

The basis is the exact representation of the type of journey: Business, private or way to work.

Save Taxes


Completely revision & tamper proof

We meet the requirements of the BFH (Federal Fiscal Court) in Germany as well as those of the Federal Ministry of Finance in Austria.

Especially the complete and transparent recording of all trips and the exact documentation of changes are very important here.


This is why you should trust in the Rosenberger logbook

Savings potential

Up to 25% time savings by automatically capturing all information of a trip.

Steuern sparen

Exact delimitation of business and private journeys. Use of the 1 percent rule (DE) and half the non-cash benefit (AT).

Tax office secure

Compliance with the requirements of the tax authorities in Germany and Austria.

Automatic documentation

The logbook writes itself. Customer visitors are also recognized automatically.

Download at the push of a button

Logbook report for one vehicle or the whole fleet with one mouse click. File format PDF and XLS.

Web & App

Whether desktop, laptop or smartphone, the Rosenberger logbook is always at hand.


No chance for manipulation. Complete recording of all journeys. Documentation of all changes.

Fleet analysis

Easily analyze small and large fleets with the trip report or performance module.


Offers you the possibility to manually select your ride type directly on the vehicle.


Create, edit, manage, and modify your trips at will on any smartphone.

Create a trip report effortlessly and quickly.

Suitable for both Android and iOs.


At the touch of a button, you can download your trip report to your PC or laptop.

You can then easily send it to your tax office.

Our web portal also offers you many other functions, such as comparing trips to identify potential savings.


Examples of the areas of application of the logbook


For all vehicle types (VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and many more), Detailed information (engine on/off, ignition on/off, operating hours, mileage), Just plug in & go

Light commercial vehicles

Reliable transmission of position data, Detailed information (engine on/off, ignition on/off, operating hours, mileage), Just plug in & go


Accompanies you all the way

Our Drive app helps you keep track of your trips and adjust them if necessary.

With the help of our web portal, these journeys are summarized in a logbook report suitable for the tax office.

You can download this report at the touch of a button and send it to your local tax office.

The Drive App also offers you several advantages:

  • Display of the current real-time vehicle position & from your cell phone
  • Choice of trip type before or during the trip possible (business, private, way to work)
  • No more hassle with the tax office - tax office compatible logbook report in the web portal
  • Private journeys remain private (no display of current position to third parties)
  • Edit trips, separate (split 1 trip into multiple trips) & merge, edit multiple trips at once
  • Change vehicle & drive with multiple vehicles, always the correct assignment to the correct vehicles



GPS positions of your vehicle fleet always UpToDate

Due to the accurate GPS position tracking, you constantly know where your vehicles are currently located and whether they are stationary or moving.

This allows you to respond to urgent customer requests and send the nearest driver to your customer.

In addition, you can track and time your stays. 

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Select ride type according to your wish

Select the type of trip according to your needs3 different types of trips are available:

  • Private
  • Business
  • Way to work

Which trip types you assign to which trips is entirely up to you.

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Unfortunately, telematics still has a frowned-upon reputation today. Companies would "spy" on their employees, they say.

However, we can reassure you.
Data protection is a very important topic for us and a personal concern.

All your journeys, which you make privately, are only visible to you - here we are uncompromising and can assure you that your data is not visible to anyone but yourself!


Edit journeys anytime and anywhere

Thanks to our Drive app, you can conveniently edit your trips on the go.
Of course it works 

No problem.

You can change and edit your journeys at any time. Here are some examples:

  • You'd like to merge multiple trips because you were on the road for an entire day on business.
  • You were on the way to customer A, but you still drove to customer B and now you want to split this single trip into several.

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In seconds to the logbook report

Surely you know the annoying writing of a logbook in your company.

People often forget to record it at all, and "rewriting" a logbook can take up a lot of time and therefore costs.

We take this work off your hands and create a tax-authorized logbook report for you at the push of a button in our web portal via download.
You can send this report quickly and easily to your tax office.

You save up to 28% administration costs!

Inventory and analysis
Inventory and analysis

Together we analyze your current situation. 
Many of your current logistics & management problems we can work out & filter together.

Solution finding
Solution finding

We now know where your problems lie, now it's time to solve them.
Due to our adaptability to your situation, we can easily grasp this and provide you with a non-binding offer.


You have decided on a solution and now want to integrate it optimally into your company.
No matter if you already receive telematics data from other manufacturers or if you want to enter the topic completely new - we help you to integrate everything simply & uncomplicatedly into your company cosmos.

Support & Training
Support & Training

After you have integrated our hardware & software solution into your company, our support & training sessions ensure that you can also use it optimally.
Thus, it is easy for you to work with the initially complicated data and to interpret them correctly.

Success awaits you
Success awaits you

Already after a short time you will notice that our solutions represent a return on investment and save a lot of time, costs & nerves.

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Telematics for the logbook

PILOT 1200

Plug & Play OBD connector, for easy, fast & cost effective installation. 
Driver logins & drive type change possible via Drive app.

Not fixed in vehicle.

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PILOT 2000

Plug & Play OBD connector, for easy, fast & cost effective installation. 
Driver logins & drive type change possible via Drive app.

Can also read vehicle data (mileage, fuel level, service intervals).

Not fixed in vehicle.

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PILOT 4000

Log into the vehicle directly via RFID or iButton reader.
Change the trip type (private, business, way to work) directly at the push of a button.

Fixed in the vehicle.

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