Electronic Logbook

Simple, safe, reliable

Do you have cars in your business assets which are also used private? Do you record laborious, hand-written logbooks on your own?

With the PILOT solution, you do not have to worry about your vehicles anymore.
The GPS system supports you to use your fleet with maximum efficiency, controlled remotely and to secure from theft or unpermitted use.

Everything under control

Exact position of your cars in real time

Saving work time

Fully automated and flawless data recording

Protection of your assets

Alarming when unpermitted movement or leaving the location occurs

Electronic logbook

Forgery-proof, complete and prompt recordings

Why leading companies decide to work with us?

"The decision for Rosenberger Telematics was the right one.

​If we have an order in Hamburg and an employee is in Buxtehude at that moment, we can assign him with the order and don´t have to send somebody from Berlin, for example.

This is a big advantage for our customers."

Robert Becker

Managing Director of Merlin Gruppe

Uncomplicated & comfortable

The GPS system PILOT was developed for car fleets of all sizes and relies on proven technology to guarantee a flawless operation.

  • The in the car installed telematics unit with M2M SIM card get the exact location of the car via satellites.

  • The GPS system in the vehicle records automatically the required data and transmits them via mobile communications to the certified calculation center.

  • The online portal enables an access to your drive information at any time and evaluate them. You can add the necessary information such as reason of the journey or destination.

Adjusted to your requirements

Starting from simple GPS locating via logbooks with the appropriate tax office form to order management using automatic communication between driver and disposition.

Locating & fleet management

Locating of vehicles with display of the distance traveled and automatic driver identification

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Electronic logbook

Our electronic logbook fulfills the requirements of the Austrian and German tax authorities

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Theft protection & alerting

Automatic notification in case of theft with the help of the alarm manger. Theft theme picture car.

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GPS locating & alerting

  • 24/7, from wherever you are you can get an overview where your vehicles are currently located, no matter if they are moving or not.

  • The graphic depiction of the driving times in combination with the distance traveled on the map shows exactly when which vehicles in what time frame and with which speed it was on the way.

  • As soon as your vehicle drives to a determined area and/or leaves it, your immediately receive an e-mail or SMS alerting message

Very easy vehicle administration

Administer, analyze and control every of your fleet, stress-free.

  • By the identification via RFID chip your always know exactly which employee when and how long used the pool vehicle

  • Personalized, electronic and manipulation proof NFC label on each driver’s license of a fleet user enables an electronic drivers license control directly in the vehicle.

  • The system guarantees reliable reports for invoicing or accounting

Logbook at the push of a button

You do not want to give away money to the tax authority and to increase the productivity of your company?
We have the right solution for you!

No problems with the tax authority

  • Trip recordings in a timely manner and complete

  • Complete documentation of the subsequent changes

  • Forgery-proof

  • Closed shape

  • Fixed and invisible installation

  • Private trips stay anonymous (100% protection)

Everything under control

  • Automatic recording of the commutes, service and private trips

  • Relief of administrative documentation obligations

  • Fully automatic transmission of the data via mobile communications into the online portal

  • Access to your data anywhere, anytime

  • Extensive statistics for the drive information of all your vehicles (PDF, XLS, CSV)

  • Simple and comfortable operation of the online based software without installation effort

Proof in cold print

You receive all work and times en-route and therefore always know exactly how much time was used for the respective order.

Thanks to live and locating function you have an overview about the current location and status of your vehicle.

Prompt and tamper-proof

By the complete record of all relevant data via GPS our PILOT solution is entirely within the law as electronic logbook and therefore accepted by the tax authorities in Germany and Austria.