AEMP 2.0 / ISO 15143-3


AEMP 2.0 / ISO 15143-3 - Interface for construction machinery

Use machine data directly from the manufacturer

Today, construction machines from major manufacturers are often equipped ex works with OEM telematics for GPS position and for transmitting machine data.
These telematics units are perfectly adapted for use in these machines.

Through the ISO 15143-3 interface, we at Rosenberger can now retrieve this data directly from the manufacturers, and display it in our IoT platform “Commander”.

The transmission of the data is fully automatic via web service.
There is NO need to retrofit a telematics unit!


  • AEMP 2.0 / ISO 15143-3 standard
  • no user intervention necessary
  • data from numerous sensors
    • Consumptions
    • tank capacity
    • operating hours
    • load / idle run
    • and much more

  • numerous manufacturers
  • Industry standard
  • Manufacturer equipment is used
  • NO additional installation costs
  • Manufacturer-independent

Prerequisite: Of course, it is important that the manufacturer supports ISO 15143-3. Many do, but unfortunately not all.
Ask for the interface and the costs already when ordering your new construction machine.

You will receive access to data from the manufacturer. You forward these to us and we do the rest.


AEMP 2.0 / ISO 15143-3 can transmit the following data depending on the manufacturer and machine

(IMPORTANT: Not every manufacturer supplies all signals!)


  • Last known position
  • Operating hours cumulated
  • Fuel consumption cumulated
  • Fuel consumption 24h
  • Cumulated distance
  • Idle time cumulated
  • Fuel gauge
  • Engine on/off
  • External connection
  • Cumulative auxiliary drive hours
  • Average daily load factor
  • Maximum speed of the last 24h
  • Accumulated charging hours
  • Cumulative handling capacity
  • Regeneration time diesel particulate filter
  • Error code transmission
  • Display of warning lights in instrument cluster
  • Display of remaining Ad Blue quantity
  • Idle time accumulated (absolute standstill)

We support the ISO 15143-3 interface with the following manufacturers:

Liebherr, Zeppelin Cat, Komatsu, BOMAG, Bauer Spezialtiefbau, Volvo, Vögele, Wirtgen Grp, HAMM, Caterpillar, Wacker Neuson, Takeuchi


Different manufacturer telematics data in one portal & networking of the rest of the asset by means of different retrofit telematics units.

IoT Platform Commander 
ONE platform for ALL data 

  • Extremely high scalability:
    > 1,000,000 devices
  • Independent high-security data center: 
    (ISO 27001 certified)
  • Dedicated server infrastructure:
    (no cloud solution)
  • Open system for data import:
    From external sources
  • Data export to external systems via API:
    e.g., ERP
  • Very low latency:

Largest reference customer:

AEMP 2.0 / ISO 15143-3

more than one thousand AEMP 2.0 / ISO15143-3 machines in one portal

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Advantages of both worlds

Only the manufacturers of the construction machines can really provide all data of the machine. Many sensors are only known there and cannot be queried by other solutions.

With the use of ISO 15143-3 it is possible to use the advantages of both worlds on one platform, without extra hardware or installation effort. 
When working with the “Commander” platform, you do not notice that the data has entered our system via the manufacturer. You use the system as usual.

Which data can be transferred is up to the manufacturer. Usual are operating hours, idle time, diesel consumption and tank level.