OEM / Manufacturer

Grow with reliable telematics from Rosenberger

Based on your specific product requirements, we create a customer-tailored hardware and software solution for your vehicles,
devices and machines with you. The result is a perfectly adjusted allover solution for your business area.

We offer you an OEM version of your own telematics solution as a “white label” product, so that you can launch the whole solution with your own logo.
Your benefit, besides a growth in sales, is also an increased customer loyalty and differentiation from the competition.

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Your advantages

Competitive advantage

By using telematics solutions, you can offer your customers extraordinary product functions and additional characteristics.
Moreover, you increase the flexibility and transparency of your business.

More benefits for your customer

We support you with improving your scope of services.
Like this, an expansion of customer services is made possible even without big investments

Preventing warranty fraud

The actual time of installation of devices and machines is exactly documented.
In the future, even the kind of operation will be completely provided to you as a manufacturer.

We develop your idea until start of production

In order to be able to meet the demanding needs of vehicle and machine manufacturers, we have developed a complex and robust CAN-capable hardware.

Our hardware is manufactured in Rosenberger's own factory and is subject to the strictest quality standards of the worldwide automotive industry.

We accompany you at every step of your project

Management consulting for digital transformation

  • Analysis of the current situation

  • Estimation of needs


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Development of a business model

  • NDA

  • Workshop

  • Opportunities/Risks

  • Potential

  • Functional

  • Specification


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Hardware, Software, Connectivity

  • HW Customizing

  • SW Customizing

  • In-house HW development and production

  • In-house SW development

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Integration, interfaces


  • API

  • SDK

  • Interface to ERP



  • Hosting

  • Safety and securit

  • Data protection

  • Data center (certified according to ISO 27001)

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Support, Traning

  • Service-Tools

  • Maintenance contract

  • Workouts

  • Support

  • Service

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Hardware - possibilities at one glance


  • Two CAN Bus connections can be connected to the engine and machine bus in order to obtain a complete picture of the vehicle and machine status.

  • Multiple interfaces allow a wide range of applications

  • The extensive use of internal sensor data can provide a deep
    insight into the vehicle and the machine status

  • LTE Cat. 1 and GSM connectivity provide a future-proof solution in cities and rural areas

  • Embedded SIM card for maximum reliability and unforgeable

Networking. Managing. Expanding.

We are aware that the information about your fleet is the most valuable asset for you: to improve customer loyalty, to optimize
administrative processes or to improve service quality.

Our IoT-solution Commander visualizes the relevant data and helps you to manage and analyze them.

Unlimited scalability, high flexibility and adaptability to individual needs enables any IoT project to be implemented smoothly.
We provide everything you need to get started, including various adjustments to create your own branding.

A platform full of possibilities

Real Time Tracking

Customer & Fleet Management

Alerting in Real Time


Device Management



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Contract Management


3rd Party Integration

Security of your data is our highest priority

Your data will be stored in our ISO 27001 certified data processing center in Austria (according to European law) with 24x7x365 operation.

ISO 27001 certificate of ourdata center operator

Of course, in-house server or cloud solutions for your data are also possible if required.
Simply let us know your preferred variant in this regard.

We will then work together with you to find the best solution for your use case for your data storage.

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