Save fuel with telematics

Adhere to speeds

Analyze the driving behavior of your employees

Fuel prices are currently at a high level.

As a result, many supervisors are telling employees not to put their foot too far down the gas pedal.
But how can you track something like that?

Our alarm manager informs you when defined speeds are exceeded, giving supervisors the opportunity to track speeding violations and advise employees to drive more fuel-efficiently.

This helps companies to significantly reduce their fuel costs.

Avoid unnecessary downtime

Relieve your logistics

Especially with trucks, there is often the situation that the engine runs for more than 10 minutes and the vehicle but stands.

This causes unnecessarily high costs, especially due to the constantly rising fuel prices - which are prevented by recordings of a professional telematics solution.

In concrete terms, this means for you:

  • Unnecessary consumption due to "leaving the engine running" can be identified and prevented.
  • Notification via web or app in situations defined by you.
  • Detect inefficient vehicles and make decisions based on econometric data.

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Route planning made easy

Avoid unnecessarily long journeys for your vehicle fleet

Route planning can be very time-consuming and costly.

Especially in times of high fuel prices, a clear overview of one's own vehicle fleet is indispensable.

Efficient route planning can save fuel and reduce the costs of the vehicle fleet.

Our Transport & Logistics solution provides a remedy here:

  • Early detection of high fuel consumption or upcoming maintenance - no more fuel guzzlers!
  • Simple communication between company headquarters and drivers 
  • Support for dispatchers thanks to live data
  • Remaining driving and rest times at a glance at all times

Save fuel costs now



Identify inefficient vehicles

Thanks to vehicle data analysis

You are probably familiar with this.

Your vehicles, trucks or machines are not ageing as they should, are not well maintained, or have been causing high fuel prices for a long time.

Reducing fuel consumption, however, is an undertaking that presents many companies with a major challenge.

We want to help you reduce fuel consumption:

  • Schedule your vehicle & machine fleet maintenance - so never again will an important service be forgotten.
  • Read live vehicle data (e.g.: fuel consumption) and identify the "fuel guzzlers" in your company.
  • Analyse the performance of your fleet and make decisions based on the data.

Saving fuel in practice

An example

Driver A has a remaining driving time of 2 hours and is located near Munich.
Driver B has only 0.5 hours left and is located near Augsburg.

The dispatcher at company headquarters receives a message that goods are ready for collection near Munich.

Normally, the dispatcher would have to spend a lot of time contacting all his drivers to find out who still has enough driving time left or is near the goods to be collected.

Thanks to live telematics data, however, he can do this with a simple glance at our "Commander" web portal:

  • Locate driver A in the vicinity.
  • View his more than sufficient remaining driving time of 2 hours.
  • & thus contact driver A and pick up the goods on time.

Have we convinced you?

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Our solutions offer you many advantages:

  • Always know what is going on with your machinery and fleet.
  • Reduce your administrative effort by up to 50%.
  • Protect your machines and vehicles from theft and misuse.
  • Save time for more value-adding activities.


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