Is telematics surveillance?


Why surveillance is not a thing

Sentences such as "Will I be monitored?" are often asked by employees when they learn that their company is considering using telematics units.

However, this concern is completely unfounded. 

Very little personal data is stored by our telematics units, such as the driver's name or the user's e-mail address.

In general, the focus is much more on the vehicles and machines than on the drivers*. 
Here are some examples:

  • Accurate kilometer readings of the vehicle or machine fleet.
  • The exact GPS position of the vehicles and machines, 
  • Theft protection by setting alarms

These values & functions are used among others for:

  • The retrieval of equipment on construction sites 
  • The optimization of the disposition of your company - and therefore for the reduction of the operating costs
  • The increase of the safety of all employees - due to the compliance with service intervals



No possibility to view private journeys

The privacy of our drivers is very important to us. 

If a driver sets a trip to "Private" via web portal, Drive App, or Multiswitch directly on the vehicle, the trip is not recorded and is therefore not visible. 

No one has access to Private rides - when we say no one, we mean it. 

In general, an important concern is the positive impact on drivers*.

Telematics significantly increases safety in a company, reduces accidents, prevents damage, and helps to keep service intervals correctly.



Firmly anchored in our corporate culture

As a company, we see it as our duty to process and protect your data in a legally compliant and ethically sound manner.

Therefore, we have the so-called "Code of Conduct".

The "Code of Conduct" is an important part of our business and employee relations.

  • What does it mean?

Everyone involved is obliged to act fairly under consideration of social, business, as well as ethical basis.

Would you like to learn more about our Code of Conduct?

Code of Conduct


Increasing acceptance of telematics

We are always trying to educate in the field of telematics and help people with our solutions.

That's why we regularly take part in live talks, which are held on a specific topic, such as "security".

In the round of talks at, the challenges of introducing telematics in companies were discussed, and how you can also increase acceptance towards the use of telematics within your company.

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