Commander - a platform full of possibilities

Modern. Scalable. Versatile.

A highly scalable, modular and versatile software platform that connects and manages your assets, devices, vehicles, machines and objects.
Commander manages all information, regardless of telematics systems, data sources or types of manufacturer.

The IoT platform provides you with worldwide access to your detailed evaluations, analyses and your reports.
In real time, you have access to the display of operating times, machine activities, maintenance intervals and more.

Real Time Tracking

Customer & Fleet Management

Alerting in Real Time


Device Management

Contract Management


3rd Party Integration

  • Extremely high scalability

> 1.000.000 devices

  • Independent high-security data center

(ISO 27001 certificated)

  • Server infrastructure

(no Cloud Solution)

  • Open system for data import

from external sources

  • Data export to external systems via API

e.g. ERP

  • Very low latency


Where? When? How long?

Around the clock, from anywhere, you get an overview of where
your objects are currently located.

  • Live location
    Detailed display of trip-related information in real time
  • Display of operating states
    All information about the operating data of the individual vehicles/devices are recorded continuously
  • Customer and fleet management
    Mapping of complex vehicle fleets in groups in order to automatically detect customer visits

Automatic alarm

The portal offers a variety of possibilities for alerts inter alia in the event of theft or exceeding the speed limit.

You can set up so-called event-related alarms yourself and decide who is to be notified in the case of an alarm (by SMS or e-mail).
This effectively prevents theft, fraud and misuse.

Reports at the push of a button

The system guarantees reliable, customer-specific reports and detailed analyses.

Directly in the portal, you can view the operations of a vehicle or of a machine in the form of a report and can use them for billing purposes or as a performance report.

All reports can be exported to Excel, pdf or CSV at any time.
At the same time, there is the possibility to automatically transfer data to your ERP system via an interface.

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A smart platform for devices and services

Our IoT platform offers central management and networking of heterogeneous device groups and the operation of vertical M2M applications from different countries.

With the new features such as comprehensive administration and service tools, users can achieve increased process efficiency, productivity optimization, cost savings and meaningful management information and thus decisively improve the workflow

We realize for you - completely manufacturer-independent - the integration and linking with already existing systems.
Both in data delivery (e.g. via AEMP / ISO 15143-3 or already installed telematics systems) or in data transfer to the customer's leading ERP system, we have many years of experience in the practice.

Full overview on one screen

The dashboard allows you to view the data of all your vehicles, devices and assets on one page.

You can design your own dashboard. By means of drag-and-drop and self-configurable widgets, each user can create a customertailored IoT application to meet your personal requirements, and only receives the IoT application needed.

With little effort you gain fast, worldwide available, new understandings and insights into the world of your "tracked objects".
This data is the basis for your subsequent profitable decisions.


The comprehensive administration module enables you to manage large company structures with several levels in a transparent and clear manner.
The role- and user-authorization system enables you to securely administer users on all organizational levels.  

Device Lifecycle Management

Device Management supports you in tracking, monitoring, managing and protecting the connected devices.
Your devices can be deployed, managed or disconnected directly from the portal.

Service & Report Management

The service tool is the integral element of the mobile application - Service App.
All Installation / removal activities that are documented via the service app are automatically transferred to the service tool that automatically generates installation and removal reports that can be checked and evaluated.


Software as a Service

We offer our IoT platform as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

This means that you do not have to worry about software installation, system maintenance and software updates. Your data will be operated in our secure data processing centre and are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
The worldwide availability of internet technology enables us to locally and modularly process your data, to develop it further and to provide it with small to minimal adjustments as a "white label" solution in your branding according to your CI.

The Service-App

Highest quality in installing

Rosenberger Service App automatically and seamlessly documents your installation process

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Innovatives Tool für die lückenlose Dokumentation von Serviceprozessen

Rosenberger Service App seamlessly documents individual and pre-defined work steps of an installation, removal and service process, guaranteeing high quality of performance.

The app guides the user or technician step by step through the individual work steps and obliges him to enter comments or to create photos.
An integrated diagnostic function ensures that every installation, removal or service is carried out with due care.


How Service App works

  • Installation of the app and registration

  • Identification of the product to be installed by scanning a QR-code

  • Start of the installation / removal / service process

  • Transfer of the data to the IoT platform

  • PDF report of the process carried out

Installation of the app and registration

Install the service app on your IOS or Android device. Scan the QR-code and get started!

Identification of the product to be installed

by scanning a QR-code


Start of the installation / removal / service process

After successful identification, you will be guided step by step through the individual work steps

Transfer of the data to the IoT platform

All information recorded in the app will automatically be stored on the Rosenberger IoTplatform and used for testing and for administrative purposes.

PDF report of the process carried out

One App Countless Possibilities

The modular structure of the app allows a wide range of applications, including:

  • Installation of GPS devices (with diagnosis of all function signals)

  • Installation of spare parts

  • Inventory recording with damage documentation

  • Implementation and documentation of various, customer-specific processes