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Tacho Remote Download


Read out all driver data digitally

Tachograph data & driver card all in one platform

Our Tacho Remote solution offers numerous advantages compared to a conventional analogue tachograph.

Reading out a digital tachograph ensures more precise recording of driving and working times, archiving of data and improved monitoring by the authorities.

You can also use our web platform to view information on speed and fuel consumption, which can help optimize the fleet and reduce costs.

  • Precise recording of driving and working times
  • Information on driving and standing times, breaks and driver information.
  • Easy archiving of data
  • Recording of additional information such as speed and fuel consumption

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Advantages & Benefits

Why you should use Tacho Remote Download

Dispose in real time

With our portal, vehicles can be dispatched in real time thanks to GPS positions, thus optimizing processes.

Driver data online

All driver data can be viewed online, giving you an overview of working hours and driving distances.

Tacho Remote Download

The Tacho Remote Download at the touch of a button automatically and easily downloads the tachograph data, saving time and effort.


Simplify your disposition

You see live what your driver sees on the tachograph

Based on real-time data, you can see live what your driver is seeing.

This gives you several advantages:

  • Send the nearest driver to a job that has just arrived.
  • Driving and working times as well as speeds of every driver
  • Detect violations at an early stage and draw the driver's attention to them
  • View driving times, rest periods and breaks live

Details of each trip

Driving times, breaks, working hours and much more

Our web portal allows you to get a comprehensive overview of driver activities and driver data at any time.

This way, the maximum daily working time can be closely monitored to ensure that drivers are not overtired and accidents are avoided.

In addition, our Tacho Portal displays the following information:

  • The remaining working time
  • The remaining weekly working time
  • The current driver activity (work, on the road, break)
  • and the remaining daily driving time



Automated Tacho Remote Download

Simply all driver and company data

The Tacho Remote Download allows you to download all data directly from our web portal via an interface.

For example, you no longer have to painstakingly collect all the tacho data of the individual drivers, but everything is available to you promptly and correctly.

This technology enables companies to organize their processes more efficiently and save valuable time.

Our Tacho Remote solution also facilitates compliance with legal regulations, as all necessary data is available at all times.


Retrieve driver activities

Easily view the current status of each rider

In our web portal, all driver activities such as:

  • The minimum break
  • The next remote download
  • Driving time breaks,
  • The remaining driving and working time
  • The start of the rest period or the end of the shift
  • and the start of the working day

can be viewed.  This data is available live and enables a precise assessment of your truck fleet.

In this way, you can ensure that your drivers comply with the legal regulations and, if necessary, react quickly to avoid violations.

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GPS live data of your trucks

Respond to customer requests and deliveries in real time

A major advantage of live GPS data is the ability to react immediately to events.

For example, in the event of traffic jams or diversions, you can quickly plan alternative routes and thus minimize delays and costs.

In addition, real-time monitoring of trucks can help improve customer service.

You can provide customers with information about the status of their deliveries at any time and react quickly in case of problems.
This leads to higher customer satisfaction and strengthens trust in your company.