Silos & Tanks


Our smart IoT solution for your silos

Information about fill levels, temperature, material weight and position.

For mobile and stationary silos.

For powdered building materials, road salt, granulates and liquids. 

Energy self-sufficient - no external power supply necessary.

  • Avoidance of false trips - CO2 reduction
  • Optimized disposition - increase of utilization rate
  • Lower maintenance costs (no knocking or throwing stones)

Save time, money & nerves




Rosenberger silo & tank solution

Location data

Optimized disposition of your silos, due to accurate positioning.

Level measurement

Accurate determination of the fill level and material weight, independent of the fill level.

Temperature monitoring

The recorded ambient temperature is especially important for documenting the processing situation.

Pressure resistant

The robust design withstands a continuous pressure of up to 6 bar.


Up to 10.000 messages and more than 10 years runtime (depending on temperature and net quality).

Lower logistics costs

No unplanned refills. Route optimization for pickup and filling.

Future-proof technology

Thanks to 4G (LTE), 3G and 2G (GSM) data exchange always and everywhere.

Individual reporting intervals

Freely definable reporting intervals possible. Depending on time (08:30), weekday (Tuesday) and month (July).


Examples for different industries and applications

Building materials

Reliable level measurement for mobile building material silos. Suitable for plaster, mortar, cement, etc. in harsh environmental conditions.


Precise quantity measurement for mobile and stationary silos. Suitable for granulates (feed, fertilizer, etc.) and liquids.

Salt silo

Even in the harshest conditions, reliable level measurement down to minus 40 °C and up to 3,000 m above sea level. Suitable for road salt, grit and brine.

Mobile diesel tanks

Level measurement in mobile and stationary diesel tanks. Alarm when the level falls below a minimum level.


Measurement of the level in tanks and silos with liquids of all kinds. Very high measuring accuracy.

Chemistry / Granules

Suitable for all types of granular materials. By detecting the specific weight of the material - accurate weight calculation in the silo.


Using silos & tanks more efficiently

With online fill level measurement, you have the perfect overview at all times. 

This allows you to better plan and optimize logistics during filling and collection. Cost-intensive and last-minute trips are avoided.

Fuel savings and CO2 reduction are the result and sustainably improve your environmental balance.

Digitized silos and tanks reduce management and administration costs. 
A higher degree of utilization has an investment-inhibiting effect.


Always accurate measurement results

Bulk cones and discharge hoppers present a particular challenge when determining the level.

Different materials have different effects on the flank angle of the hopper and cone.

With our patented measurement method to compensate for the bulk geometry, we can determine the exact material volume regardless of the fill level.

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How to make your silos smart

The innovative fill level sensor from Rosenberger reliably records the exact silo fill level by means of radar measurement. The sensor also records the ambient temperature and determines the location of the silo by means of GPS.

With future-proof technology (LTE, 3G, 2G), the determined data is transmitted to the ISO27001 certified data center.

All relevant information is available to the user at any time on the desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

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Automated linking with scheduling / accounting & logistics systems

Especially with a larger number of silos, it is important to automatically forward the current silo information such as position, fill level and temperature to other IT systems.

This task is performed by our Rosenberger API (interface). The standardized interface transfers the data to the customer system - reliably and automatically. 

Thus, a link with disposition and accounting systems, or even other logistics and telematics providers is possible. 

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Keeping an eye on the condition of your silos

Our IoT platform Commander shows all essential parameters, at any time.

In addition to the desktop and laptop, the information is also available in the Cockpit app.

  • Position on the map and address
  • Fill level in % and fill level in kg
  • Ambient temperature
  • Battery level in %
  • Time of last data transmission

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Responding to critical conditions

Depending on the requirements, individual threshold values for a minimum fill level or a minimum weight can be stored in the Commander for each silo. If this threshold value is undershot, a message is automatically sent to one or more persons.

Thus, the refilling or collection of the silo can be organized in time - without any stress.

If construction sites are stored as zones (geofence) in the Commander, the entry or removal can trigger an alarm.

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Detection and control through precise temperature indication

The processing temperature is an essential quality feature for many materials.

If processing does not take place according to the manufacturer's specifications, an automatic message can be sent. All information such as temperature, material, position, etc. is available in the Commander history.

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Inventory & Analysis
Inventory & Analysis

Together we analyze your current situation. 
Many of your current logistics & management problems we can work out & filter together.


We now know where your problems lie, now it's time to solve them.
Due to our adaptability to your situation, we can easily grasp this and provide you with a non-binding offer.


You have decided on a solution and now want to integrate it optimally into your company.
No matter if you already receive telematics data from other manufacturers or if you want to enter the topic completely new - we help you to integrate everything simply & uncomplicatedly into your company cosmos.

Unterstützung & Schulung
Unterstützung & Schulung

After you have integrated our hardware & software solution into your company, our support & training sessions ensure that you can also use it optimally.
Thus, it is easy for you to work with the initially complicated data and to interpret them correctly.

Success awaits you
Success awaits you

Already after a short time you will notice that our solutions represent a return on investment and save a lot of time, costs & nerves.

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For your area of application

SILO 8000

Wireless level sensor for precise
quantity measurement.
Suitable for pressure silos up to 6 bar. 
Robust design, long operational time.

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TINO 1270

Robust, energy-autonomous tracker for precise position determination. Motion sensor, Temperature measurement. 
Up to 10,000 meds per battery pack.

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Passive Bluetooth tracker for position determination via smartphone or Rosenberger telematics.
Runtime guarantee of 7 years!

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