Simple fleet management for your fleet


Fleet in view

Real-time overview of your vehicle fleet

Thanks to GPS position recognition, you can determine the current location of your vehicles in seconds.

On a clear map, you can immediately see which vehicle is currently stationary or moving. 


It couldn't be easier

Save time and money with Plug & Play

The installation of the device is very easy and takes only a few seconds.

Plug the OBD connector in the right place in your car and save high workshop costs of a fixed installation.

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OBD-Connection positions

Find simple & fast

Just tell us the make & type of your vehicle.

We will help you find the OBD connector for your plug.

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Advantages & Benefits for fleet management

This is why you should trust telematics

Location data

24/7 current positions of your vehicles on the PC or smartphone

Fuhrparksteuerung Icon

Fleet control

Small & large fleet overview

Diebstahlschutz Icon

Theft control

Alarm in case of unauthorized use as well as monitoring of certain zones

Plug & Play Icon

Plug & Play

Easy installation without additional workshop costs

Historie Icon


Detailed history of driving and standing times

Auswertungen Icon


Numerous mission reports at the touch of a button

Small und Smart Icon

Small & Smart

Matchbox size

Universell einsetzbar Icon


OBD connector compatible with over 2,000 vehicle types


Areas of operation

Examples of GPS vehicle tracking applications

PKW Einsatzgebiet Fahrzeugortung


For all kind of cars (VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and many more), Detailed information (engine on/off, ignition on/off, operating hours, mileage), Just plug in & go

Leichtes Nutzfahrzeug Telematik

Light commercial vehicles

Reliable transmission of position data, Detailed information (engine on/off, ignition on/off, operating hours, mileage), Just plug in & go


How it works

How to make your fleet smart

The intelligent OBD plug records the date, time, and start and destination addresses of each trip and transmits them to the encrypted data center via an integrated SIM card.

From there, the data is forwarded to our web portal, which was developed especially for you.

Here you can view, edit & manage all trips at any time.

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Data forwarding

Automated linking with scheduling / accounting & logistics systems

The vehicle data obtained can be flexibly integrated into your IT system via a defined API interface.

The transmission of exact arrival times, real-time locations or operating hours into your own IT system enables you to optimize internal processes even more easily. 

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Fleet management

Fleet management practical & convenient

Our web portal – the Commander – gives you the possibility to retrieve speed, exact position, operating hours as well as mileage at any time.

In case of customer inquiries, you can send the nearest driver to your customers and provide your customers and employees with more accurate information retrieval.

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Theft protection

Notifications for important events

The alarm manager notifies you immediately in case of unauthorized use of your fleet.

Thus, in case of emergency, you have everything under control, & can immediately respond to critical conditions.

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Digital Logbook

Driving records simple & secure

The electronic logbook enables you to automatically record business and private trips.

This saves you a lot of internal processing time & improves internal processes many times over.

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Zone evaluation

Detailed recording of customer visits

With our zone evaluation, you have the possibility to predict exact arrival times and to record the length of stay with your customers.

In the event of any customer complaints, this enables you to provide evidence of deliveries.

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No more trouble with the tax office

You can easily download your logbook report for the tax office at the touch of a button.

Thanks to the seamless recording of the routes using GPS data in real time, the reports are complete and forgery-proof.

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Inventory & Analysis
Inventory & Analysis

Together we analyze your current situation. 
Many of your current logistics & management problems we can work out & filter together.


We now know where your problems lie, now it's time to solve them.
Due to our adaptability to your situation, we can easily grasp this and provide you with a non-binding offer.


You have decided on a solution and now want to integrate it optimally into your company.
No matter if you already receive telematics data from other manufacturers or if you want to enter the topic completely new - we help you to integrate everything simply & uncomplicatedly into your company cosmos.

Unterstützung & Schulung
Unterstützung & Schulung

After you have integrated our hardware & software solution into your company, our support & training sessions ensure that you can also use it optimally.
Thus, it is easy for you to work with the initially complicated data and to interpret them correctly.

Success awaits you
Success awaits you

Already after a short time you will notice that our solutions represent a return on investment and save a lot of time, costs & nerves.

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The hardware

For your fleet management

PILOT 2000 Telematik Hardware

PILOT 1200

Plug & Play OBD connector, for easy, fast & cost-effective installation. 
Driver logins & drive type change possible via Drive app.

Not permanently installed in vehicle.

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PILOT 4000 Hardware Telematik

PILOT 4000

Log on directly to the vehicle via RFID or iButton reader.
Change the trip type (private, company, way to work) directly at the touch of a button.

Permanently installed in the vehicle.

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