Reduce costs and administer assets efficiently with our container solution

Battery operated GPS tracker with long duration

Reduce effort, loss and trouble to a minimum

  • How often have you lost sight of your containers, small machines, waggons? How much time are you losing for a flawless control?

  • How much money are you losing during long down times and how stressful is it when thefts occur?
    With the energy self-sufficient GPS location system TINO you reduce effort, loss and trouble to a minimum.

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Everything under control

Exact position of your assetes

Increasing efficiency

Automatic calculation of down times, increasing of the capacity

Protection of your assets

Alarming when unpermitted movement or leaving of the location occurs

Full transparency

Information about the transportation progress or the exact location

Why do leading companies choose us?

Steven Stübchen TWS

"In addition to the position determination, which is carried out via the TINO system, another function is also particularly advantageous. This is because temperature monitoring also ensures greater safety.

The solution transmits both the ambient temperature and that of the transported product in the tank container. This is used, for example, when transmitting the temperature in rail traffic. "This is a great advantage wherever there is no other personnel on site."

Uncomplicated & comfortable

  • The design of the device makes a very easy assembly to the object possible; by screwing. The integrated GPS antenna guarantees an exact position of the object.

  • The M2M SIM chip automatically records the data and transmitts them via mobile communication to the certified calculation center.

  • The online portal enables access anytime to your object information and evaluates them.

System for a special implementation

TINO® is a powerful GPS tracker with a high protection class which was especially developed for
locating objects without power supply, such as:

Containers on streets or tracks, goods wagons, transportation containers and trailers or large construction machines.

  • Engery self-sufficient and long-lasting


Keine externe Energiequelle nötig. Bis zu 10.000 Nachrichten pro Batteriepaket (bei GPS Ortung)

  • Reliable location

Additional cell location, if satellite connection is not available
(e.g. stacked containers at the port)

  • Robust and weather-resistant design

Ambient temperatures from -40° C up to +75° C with the IP67 protection class – water and dust protected

  • Highest security level

Secure element for encoded data transmission and guaranteed identity

  • Battery fill level indicator

Zuverlässige Information über Batteriestatus im Webportal und am Handy

  • ​Solid product

Designed and developed in Rosenberger quality. Produced by Rosenberger in the EU.

Extensive transmission intervals possible

1. At standstill (no movement)

Regualar transmission intervals


  • every 72h
  • every 24h
  • every 8h

2. In motion

Regular transmission intervals when motion is detected

  • every 60 min.
  • every 15 min.
  • every 5 min.
3. Fixed times

Position reports at fixed times

  • daily at 6:00 a.m.
  • daily at 12:15 p.m.
  • at 7:45 a.m. & 3:00 p.m.


4. Combined configuration


  • at standstill every 24h
  • and every 60 minutes
  • when moving
  • only from Monday to Friday

Adjusted to your requirements

We are aware of the fact that each company is different and each customer has individual requirements.

We help you to work out the optimum solution for each demand.

Overland transport & small machines

GPS Tracking for containers, swap body, transparent transportation processes

Rail transport

GPS locating and precise positioning for freight wagons

Sea containers

Worldwide tracking & tracing, temperature monitoring

Always up to date

The only thing you need is a PC or a mobile device with internet access in order to display the GPS position of your valuable assets.
At a certain point in time, in a certain time intervall or at movement - the position and the current location of your trailers or containers will be transmitted.

Along with the regular location transmission our platform offers much more:

  • Automatic altering for example in the event of theft, position change of the object or low battery status

  • Creating of a customer database with branches and display of the customer visits

  • Automatic determining of staying time of the assets in geozones customer specific

  • Reports with only one click

Where are my containers? Where are my trailers?

Container accounting with manually created lists is in the past. Nowadays, an online map shows every location exactly.
This helps to depict the flow of goods and ends with the time-consuming search for containers and / or trailers.

​For stationary or rarely moved objects like skip- or construction containers, TINO is used with few position messages.

Location intervalls and settings will be adjusted to your requirements. Does not matter if you want hourly, daily or weekly reports or position messages.

A maximum degree of utilization ​ ​

Your trailers or swap bodies are drawn with several tractor units and are parked at different locations whereby you might lose overview.
Your containers are standing there useless because you lost sight of them.

Full overview of the current locations of your assets can increase your utilization rate, optimize disposition work and ensure a safe transport.

​With TINO you can protect your assets worldwide once or several times per day - locate per GPS and protect yourself from theft and very easily with intelligent sector monitoring (geozones).

Highest security for valuable goods

The requirements to freight companies and rail companies which transport valuable goods are increasing and become more diverse. A growing quantity of demanding customers want to know
exactly where their goods are located and if the destination will be reached in time.

With our solution you can locate your wagons worldwide – once or several times per day – via GPS and be informed when the wagon reaches the destination. This enhances your disposition,
maximizes the availability of your wagons and significantly improves the quality of the rendered services.

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With the help of the integrated movement sensor the system can record in a critical case of need, for example, at loss, each movement of the rail wagon or goods wagon and will immediately send a GPS location message.

For GPS locating of the rail vehicles / locomotives with own on-board network we developed a special fixed-installed location system. This offers you a wide spectrum of functions like for example crash detection, hydraulics pressure, temperature etc.

Optimized disposition & quality validation

Container leasing of leasing companies often face problems that they do not know exactly when the container are returned or which/ how many containers are close to the next planned contractors.

Full overview of the current locations of your containers can optimize your disposition work and ensure more safety.

The integrated temperature sensor records the temperature course. As quality proof an automatically generated report will be provided.

Reliable also under rough conditions

TINO- mit dem robusten, wasserdichten und hitzebeständigen Gehäuse- hält extremen Temperaturschwankungen und rauen Betriebsbedingungen stand.

Neben der Positionbestmmung mittels GPS und Glonass, steht auch eine Zellortung zur Verfügung. Diese unterstützt die Positionsfindung auch bei schlechtem GPS Empfang.