Construction Industry

The robust companion on the construction sight

High maintenance costs due to maintenance cycles. High manual effort by laborious, handwritten documentation.
Theft of equipment, machines and Diesel.

Does that sound familiar?

With the ROBUSTO system the solution is obvious. Increase the productivity of your company immediately.
Minimize down-times by very precise maintenance. Protect your property from unpermitted access.

Everything in sight

The exact position of your machines on all construction sites in real time

Optimization of the maintenance

Use-oriented maintenance on base of engine operating time or driven distance

Theft protection

Tracing in case of theft, as well as drivers’ identification for avoiding unpermitted use

Maximization of the machine implementation

Automatic determining of status and idle times for increasing the efficiency

Why big companies choose us?

"Changes can be detected very fast. Also, theft protection and traceability via GPS is possible by using the solution by
Rosenberger Telematics, furthermore, early detection of standstills of machines can be detected”"

Werner Zenz

Managing Director of PORR Equipment Services GmbH

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Uncomplicated & comfortable

The GPS system ROBUSTO was designed for the roughest environmental conditions and relies on proven technology to guarantee a flawless operation. Your different construction
machine types of different manufacturers and different age will be equipped with a standardized solution.


  • The hardware installed in the construction vehicles with robust M2M SIM card ensures live localization.
  • The GPS system within the vehicle automatically records relevant data and transmits information about location, implementation times, capacity and the state of the vehicle via mobile communications in real time.
  • The online portal enables access to your trip / and vehicle information and to evaluate them. 


Localization of the machines

A time exact localization of machines with display of the distance driven

Operating hours recordings

Complete record of the actual operating times

Intelligent evaluation of the data

Automatic analysis of the machine use and corresponding to order implementation time calculation

Monitoring of the machines in real time

Your mixed machine fleet works on several construction sites and an overview of all your machines is almost impossible. ROBUSTO is the ideal solution.

  • Around the clock, from anywhere you receive an overview where your machines are currently located and if they are being moved or not.

  • All historical data such as driven distance or implementation times can be calls anytime.
    Thus, you can check exactly in which areas which machines worked for how long.

100 % theft protection

  • In the online portal, you can set notifications corresponding to events and
    decide who should receive a notification in case of alerting.

  • As soon as your machine arrives or leaves a certain area or a machine is switched on out of the operating hours you will receive an e-mail or SMS alerting message immediately. 
    Thus theft, fraud or misuse can be avoided effectively.

Exact recording of the operating hours

  • All information about the operating data of the individual vehicles / devices will be recorded completely, such as engine, ignition, working signal.

  • Reports about the duration of ignition, engine or working signal can be exported in Excel, pdf or CSV anytime.

  • To make your work day easier and more efficient our online platform will transmit the recorded data directly to your ERP system, if requir


Lower maintenance costs by 20%

​Proactive maintenance cycles based on kilometer statuses and operating hours in real time ensure an improvement of the load of the construction machines which consequently leads to a significant cost reduction.

Our customers from the construction industry have realized an average reduction of the
operating and maintenance costs by 20 %.

(Source: Rosenberger Telematics customer evaluation)


Highest quality during assembly of the GPS systems

How said that the installation of a telematics device should be complicated and laborious?

With the Rosenberger Service App, we created a solution to document the installation process automatically and complete.


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Administrative work reduced to a minimum

In the online portal, you can easily create and process your customers as well as their locations. Exact recording of all activities on the construction site – automatically and reliable.
The red tape will be reduced and all activities are traceable and verifiable for internal controls for increasing efficiency or for deliver proof of performance to end customers.

Directly in the portal you can create an efficiency analysis of the machine in the form of a
report and use it for billing purposes.