Increased security and more efficient processes

Use on the container places high demands on the telematics hardware / The testing user is impressed by the robustness, functionality and handling.

The leasing of tank containers and special containers for liquid products defines the core business of TWS GmbH located in Camin. Over 5,000 containers are handled by the worldwide operating company - a load where you can only get a clear overview with the greatest accuracy.

"Without telematics this is even almost a hopeless undertaking. Considering the rough transport industry, it must be one thing above all: reliable and robust."

Already in 2011, TWS GmbH began its search for a supplier who could offer a suitable solution, especially for the tough requirements in this industry. Not an easy task. Extremely robust, precise, easy to install and with the lowest possible cabling, this is how the system should be structured. For this purpose several telematics providers, inter alia also Rosenberger Telematics GmbH, which could finally achieve the required requirements profile

Responsibility of Rosenberger Telematics GmbH

This telematics provider generates and processes "mobile operating data" of vehicles, machinery and equipment which is not tied to a specific manufacturer in a particular sector and also no intervention in the electronics of the equipment, i.e. they are independent systems. The determined data and information are provided to the customer in individual evaluations and analyses. In the first talks with TWS GmbH, the telematics solution TINO was presented and after a detailed description, the decision was made:

"This system fulfills all the requirements."

One of the decisive factors for this was the fact that the Rosenberger Telematics has already a lot of experience from the commercial vehicle industry and in particular for construction machinery. The Rosenberger Telematics has been successfully developing telematics systems for a long time for that special need. The similarly harsh conditions made TWS GmbH optimistic to place this order with Rosenberger Telematics.

No difficulties during installation

50 tank containers are now equipped with the TINO and the installation was even easier than expected. This is how Steven StĂĽbchen, head of Maintenance & Repair at TWS
GmbH, in an interview: "The execution of this work was a surprisingly easy for us.

There were also no installation problems due to the weldability.

"Here, no need for cables is worth mentioning, because this point gives us a great flexibility to use this technology on all tank containers and special equipment."

Operation without training effort

Finally, the independent TINO hardware only has to be attached to the respective objects. They then deliver the desired information directly to the head office.
And here, too, the operation is simple, as StĂĽbchen confirms:

"Only a short briefing was necessary to operate the system, here were neither any problems". And the system proved itself already in difficult environments:

Outside temperatures of -30 °C were already measured during transport, without a system failure. 

More than just positioning

The most important information in most cases and areas of application is the exact location but in addition to this information, the TINO system can also deliver other values. Steven StĂĽbchen recognizes in his company and at customers that they require further information, because the position alone is often not meaningful enough when transporting liquids.


Temperature control in real time

In addition to position determination, which is carried out via the TINO system, there is also another advantageous function. Because also temperature monitoring ensures more safety. The solution transmits both the ambient temperature as well as that of the transported product in the tank container.

This is the case, for example, with the transfer of the temperature in rail traffic.

"This is a great advantage wherever there is no other personnel on site," explains Steven StĂĽbchen and continues: "Thanks to the positive experiences of this solution we can offer our customers optimization opportunities and thus offer a broader product range."


TWS in the role of the customer

The new telematics system at TWS is aimed in particular at providing tenants of tank containers with detailed information on the goods at any time. But in the case of Rosenberger Telematics, TWS played the role of the customer and was responsible for assessing the support and service of the telematics provider.

The answer was shortly afterwards: "Since there have been no problems so far, we can hardly say anything about it. In the case of questions that arose initially, the professional team of Rosenberger Telematics answered these immediately

The changing future

The use of telematics solutions is extremely important in order to survive in competition. However, it is almost even more important not to have to tread

on the spot with the purchase. Especially companies in the transport and logistics sector have recognized that telematics is essential to secure in the long term the success of a company in a globalized business environment. Therefore, users look much more closely at an offered telematics system.

It must on the one hand be tailored exactly to your own profile of requirements, and on the other hand it is more important than ever that both the vendor and the user are able to use the solution for new or expanded customer requirements.

This flexibility enables a company to stand out from its competitors within its own industry. Steven StĂĽbchen also gained this conviction on the long journey of his search: "As tank container lessors, we never know what challenges we will face tomorrow. There will be no standstill, as it is well known that this is a step backwards."


Die verwendete Hardware der Rosenberger Telematics GmbH ist manipulationssicher und wurde speziell fĂĽr den Einsatz im Bau, der Land- und Forstwirtschaft sowie fĂĽr Containertracking konzipiert. Es ist ein Telematik-System, welches problemlos auch harten Bedingungen und Temperaturschwankungen widerstehen kann.

Mithilfe der kompletten Rosenberger Telematics-Lösung lassen sich alltägliche Prozessabläufe besser optimieren und organisieren. Im Ergebnis erhöhen sich ganz wesentlich die Produktivität und das Sicherheitsmanagement im Unternehmen, da die Möglichkeit einer effektiverer Kontrolle nach internen Qualitätsvorgaben dokumentationssicher realisiert werden kann.

Im Interview begrĂĽndete StĂĽbchen mit wenigen Worten die Erfahrungen und letztendlich dann auch die Entscheidung des Unternehmens, die fĂĽr das Telematik-System der Rosenberger Telematics ausgefallen ist: 

„Wir haben mit der Rosenberger Telematics intensive Gespräche gefĂĽhrt, und das vorgestellte System wirkte sehr ĂĽberzeugend. Dem haben wir vertraut und sind bis heute zufrieden.“